Playing Unity connection voice menu 7.0 in french

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I installed French Locale in Cisco unity Connection system 7.0. When setting the user/system locale to french, I can have all menus in french when accessing one's Voicemail box. But, when a caller is forwarded to the the Voice messaging systen (UC) he still get the english version of the english version of the standard greeting !!!

It is supposed to play the recorded french message of the standard greeting ( which is the only one activated)!

Is this a bug ? or a known problem ?

I ha ve CCM 6.1. All users have french user and network locales.

anu suggestions please !!

thanks in advance.

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In the call routing rules, check to see what the language is set to on the Forwarded call routing rule named "Attempt Forward to Greeting". If it is set to inherited, as opposed to French, then be sure that your default system phone language in the Configuration-Phone Languages is set to French. Let me know if this helps.


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