Egress NetFlow on 7600

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yjdabear Tue, 06/09/2009 - 13:40

Rather, it depends on the version of the IOS you're running:

" If your router is running Cisco IOS release 12.2(14)S or a later release, or Cisco IOS Release 12.2(15)T or a later release, NetFlow accounting might be enabled through the use of the ip flow ingress command instead of the ip route-cache flow command.


The egress keyword was added."

Unless there's new advances, I don't think you can apply both "ingress" and "egress" on the same interface. NetFlow is based on unidirectional flow records.

prima.ramadhan Wed, 04/27/2011 - 03:17

Hi yjdabear,

are you sure that egress netflow is supported on 7600? Because I have configured "ip flow ingress" and "ip flow egress" on a sub interface. My collector can only read ingress data. I check using "show ip cache flow" and only see ingress flow. Also, take a look at this email thread Cisco documentation sometimes is confusing that I often have doubts about them. Please if anybody can confirm?




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