Exam introduction of Packet Tracer into CCNA exams??

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Jun 9th, 2009


I've just been graduated from CCNA part 3 Eswitching and I am wondering why the skills test counts for 0 points while Packet Tracer version of the skills test counts for 10 points??

Doesn't this defeat the overall purpose of being able to use the equipment??

For people like me who don't use conventional operating systems Packet Tracer isn't simply something we can load onto our machines and use which is one side of the story; however my personal feeling is that it is a good training tool for people with no experience with Cisco hardware but for exams I think it is a fatal mistake to include it!!

My lecturer had to graduate me without it today so I missed out on 10 valuable points, all because a file was missing that he didn't even know what was and was un-obtainable from anywhere as the exam wouldn't run without it!

I just have grave concerns about Cisco trying to implement this software in too many places where it doesn't belong...

Especially since in industry no one would be using it to simulate things as it has limited hardware in it and modules for that hardware. I mean I personally don't like it at all and have never needed it up to now and won't need it in the future so why am I being examined on it??

It's so unfair and for people who use operating systems like Sun Microsystems Solaris and FreeBSD, although the minority what are we supposed to do??

Sorry for complaining so much about I don't want to sound like a complete ass although I think I've gone way beyond that point but I just wanted to voice my frustrations and concerns!

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