Creating or Mapping Share Folders using Quick VP Client and RVS4000

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Jun 9th, 2009
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This is my first VPN project and a small one at that.  I have downloaded the VPN client on my desktop at home.  The router, which is in another location is setup and running properly.  I created a VPN account.  I am able to connect using the Quick VPN Client utility.

Now the problem.  I have connected, but now what.

There are specific folders on our file server that I need to access.  How do I map these folders on my local machine so I can access.  I have tried the conventional....\\server\share.  I also tried the following:




I know that there must be something I am missing, and knowing me, it is small.

Help Please,


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staticfree2 Wed, 06/10/2009 - 16:20
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I just set up a couple of WRVS4400N VPN routers also and also found out that using QVPN Client to login to my home network does not allow me to see any of my NETBIOS network shares.  This basically renders these routers as useless for most of the purposes customers bought it for.

You are probably not doing anything wrong.  If you successfully connected with QVPN to your router then it is working.  It's just that for some brainy reason the Linksys design engineer development team left out this most important aspect of a VPN client connection.

Linksys or Cisco, would you please fix these routers so that we can access our NETBIOS file and device shares on the VPN network when we log in with QVPN ?

What a disappointing waste of money it is at this point.

I don't want to use ftp or ssh nor scp and have to install and implement all that ssh servers and ftp servers stuff on all of my workstations and servers machines at home.  Open up NETBIOS support on QVPN connections.  PLEASE!  Thank You (in advance).

I am having the same issue and have tried the steps in the link.  Here is some baseline info and troubleshooting steps I have already tried

-  Connecting to RVS4000 using QuickVPN (WIN XP Pro SP3)

-  Using 1.2.11 versions of both router firmware and QVPN client

-  Can log in to VPN from PC as well as admin router remotely

-  Router is set up to DHCP

-  Target computer behind firewall accepted IP from router and is visible to the router (target computer has internet access through the router)

-  Target computer Vista Ultimate 64bit is shared and has RDP enabled

-  Confirmed that target computer visible to router from router admin screen, Status, Local Network, ARP/RARP Table entries

-  Cannot ping, map a drive, or RDP to Target

-  Shut down router firewall, Source Firewall, Target Firewall

-  I have not configured anything on the router other than setting up the static IP and VPN users.

I am pretty new at working with routers and I know I am missing something stupid.  

Thanks in advance

Te-Kai Liu Wed, 06/24/2009 - 04:01
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>Cannot ping, map a drive, or RDP to Target

When a QuickVPN tunnel is up, can you ping the LAN IP of the router or other PC by IP addresses in the LAN of the router?

>When a QuickVPN tunnel is up, can you ping the LAN IP of the router or other PC by IP addresses in the LAN of the router?

I can ping the router when QuickVPN is up.  Right now I only have 1 device behind the router (the Target) computer.  I am about to bring a NAS over to the location to rule out any stupidity with Vista running on Target.