Partitions order in CSS definition

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parshah Wed, 06/10/2009 - 09:58


The order of the partitions in the CSS is very important. The order of the partition becomes relevant especially when you have overlapping dial-plan.

For example

Ext 1000 in partition A

Ext 1000 in partition B

Now if in CSS X you have partition A and then partition B. Any endpoint (phone, gateway, trunk, etc) that uses this CSS will route calls bound to extn 1000 to the extn in partition A, it will always do that. You will not be able to call exnt 1000 in partition B using this CSS.

In you case of blocking parition, suppose you have route pattern XXXX in the block partition and this partition is at the top of CSS than any call to an extn that is 4-digit long and does not explictly match any other extn in that CSS will go to the XXXX in block partition.

So lets say for example

XXXX in block partition

1XXX in partition A (the XXX can be any number)

2XXX in partition B

And you have these 3 partitions in CSS X. CSS X is assigned to an IP Phone. So if the user dials 1002 or 2001 or any number in 1XXX and 2XXX range, that call will go out to partition A or parition B provided that DN exists in the DB. However, if the user dials 4567 or any other 4-digit extn than the block partition will match.

Hope this helps.

Jaime Valencia Wed, 06/10/2009 - 12:14

The partition order is only used as a tie breaker when equally good matches exist in the potential matches, in any other situation it's always the best match rule



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