Giuseppe Larosa Wed, 06/10/2009 - 13:07
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Hello Francisco,

if you mean a L3 port channel supporting IPv4 and MPLS I personally prefer to use parallel indipendent L3 links.

The load balancing on L3 links should be based on the more internal MPLS label.

Increasing the mtu, mpls mtu of port-channel interface (and may be of member links) is needed.

If you mean increasing the MTU on a L2 port-channel connecting two switches this is needed too to support MPLS VPN traffic.

In this case of L2 port-channel load balancing could be based on the external label that points to remote PE (these are generally less variable then inner labels)

Hope to help


francisco_1 Wed, 06/10/2009 - 13:40
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Thanks guys for your comments. To clarify my question sorry what i meant was is it supported to have LDP enable on L3 port-channel and the increase of MTU for the labels on the port-channel.I have a couple of 6509's as distribution and core switches with L3 port-channels between the switches. i would like to enable mpls on the L3 port-channel and increase the MTU for the labels.


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