Interesting design issue on Digit Manipulation and CDRs

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Jun 10th, 2009
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We have the following setup.

The main office has CCM 6.1.3 and the branch office has a non cisco PBX which supports H.323.

We have added the non-Cisco PBX as a H.323 gateway in CCM and users in main office can call branch office without any issues via the WAN link.

The WAN link connecting the main office and the branch office can permit only 5 calls.

So we have a route list containing a WAN route group and a PSTN route group.

Main office users are able to call the branch office without any issues. The 6th call is automatically carried over the PSTN.

We do digit manipulation at the route group level. We just send 4 digits to the gateway in the WAN route group and we append the full PSTN prefix and send the 11 digits to the gateway in the PSTN route group.

The interesting problem comes in the area of billing. Our management wants to bill the departments only for the inter-office calls that are made over the PSTN. No charge should be billed to the departments for the inter-office calls going via the WAN.

But in the CDR records, we see the same called number irrespective of whichever rotue group (WAN or PSTN),the call had gone.

Is there any way we can change the called number field in the CDR records depending upon the path (route group) the calls takes?

We would like to see the full 11 digits in the called number field in CDRs for inter-office calls made via the PSTN route group and 4 digits in the called number field for inte-office calls made via the WAN route group.

Appreciate your inputs on this issue.



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parshah Wed, 06/10/2009 - 10:54
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To charge for call going out the PSTN gateway only, you can pull a gateway report from CAR. This will give you all the incoming and outgoing calls from the selected gateway.

Hope this helps.

balasundaram.k_2 Wed, 06/10/2009 - 11:02
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Hi Paritosh,

Thanks a lot for the helpful info.

We use a third party billing application and we are looking for a way to differentiate the outgoing calls made via the WAN route group and the PSTN route group from the called number field in the CDR records.

Is digit manipulation the key?

Is there any way we can do it?



parshah Wed, 06/10/2009 - 11:16
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Not sure if digit manipulation is the key.

Since you are using a billing server, you might have to do some custom scripting to get this info.

If you look at the raw CDR data, you can get the info you want by looking at the following fields, 'originalCalledPartyNumber', 'finalCalledPartyNumber', 'destDeviceName'. The combination of these fields might be able to give you a list of call going out the PSTN. I am not sure if the origcalledparty and finalcalledparty will be different as the RouteGroup prefixes the number. But its worth looking at.

So in theory, you should be able to search for the destdevicename, this will give you all the calls that went out this device, in this case the IP of the h.323 gateway.

Hope it helps.


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