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Jun 10th, 2009

We are using CCA 2.0 .

On two different occassions we've had an issue wih CCA trying to stay in a 3 digit extension scheme when we told it to be 4 digits...

We build the system for 4 digit user extensions, parking slots, etc in telephony voice and save. Then when we go back, we notice in System Type Settings that the # of digits per extension field shows 3  instead of the 4? And we had just saved everything under a 4 digit scheme... and CCA allowed the save, so why the change?  It shows red errors on all the users we just built and saved? We keep closing and re-opening CCA and it stays greyed out with a 3 in that field.

We rebooted the UC and the laptop. Then we went in to CLI & CUE GUI to check what CCA had built...our 4 digit user extensions were still there as well as the system default 3 digit extensions. We deleted all the 3 digit extensions, then opened CCA. This time it finally recognized that we built everything based on 4 digits.

Are we doing something wrong? Maybe a step out of order?  Seems odd that this has happened more than once to us now...anyone else?

And why can't we change the extension digit field - why does it grey out and not allow us to change it?



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David Trad Wed, 06/10/2009 - 15:21

Hi Stacey,

What build of CCA-2 are you using?

If it is the same as mine i will try it out on a lab system and see if i can replicate it, this particular issue you raise is of concern as i am going to do a deployment soon that requires 4-5 digit extension numbers.

I wait for your response.



stacy.thompson Thu, 06/11/2009 - 08:25

This is the CCA 2.0 that we're using...not sure if this answers what build? or where to find that info for you?


Hope this helps?


Marcos Hernandez Thu, 06/11/2009 - 11:22

I moved my system to factory default and rebuilt it from scratch using 4 digit extensions, park slots, voicemail, etc:

Picture 2.png

Then I connect back and CCA always reads the parameters correctly:

Picture 5.png

Are you connecting using IP or using a Community? Can you provide the F2 logs for when the voice parameters are being read?



David Trad Thu, 06/11/2009 - 14:41

Hi Stacey,


As soon as i got into work this morning i defaulted the lab system to factory and proceeded to try and reproduce your problem using the same CCA-V2 as you.

Following Setup:

  • UC520 standing on its own, not plugged into any other switches or routers
  • Laptop with CCA-V2 installed on it, and plugged into Fast Ethernet Port 0 directly
  • Direct IP connection no commmunity created
  • Using Early Adpoter Pack 7.1 (Its a lab system, otherwise it would be a previous stable version for a production system
  • Operating system on the Laptop Windows 7 (Far too many problems with Vista using CCA version 2, it is best to run it in XP service Pack 2/3 Mode)
  • Latest Flash and Java (I found this to be very important with version 2 of CCA, it would do soome funky things on older versions, i dont know why but this problem was reported in the beta stages)

I was able to successfully have 4 digit EXT and CCA didnt going bannanas at me.

Can i ask how you are workig on this UC520? Is is a production system? Are you able to get it standing on its own not plugged into any other devices and plug your PC into it directly? (Of course assuming your not allready doing this).

Any further information you can give me so i can try to reproduce it here would be great :)



stacy.thompson Fri, 06/12/2009 - 08:00

Our steps were:

Plug in UC, 1 ESW switch, 2 AP's, all the handsets.

We used the TSW in CCA 2.0, but it timed out on us so we had to start again in CCA building telephony there.

Maybe the TSW time out caused our extension issues, but we've seen the extenison issue before without using TSW...without other swithces and AP's so I don't think those factors have anything to do with it - but ya never know !?

Also, we are using software pack 7.0 with 20T... we were prepping this UC for an installation next week.

We very well could have user error - that's why I posted this to see if we're the only ones who've experienced it ( twice now).

After a reboot of the UC and the laptop, then removing the 3 digit system extensions, CCA was back to normal showign our 4 digits as the scheme we selected. So at least we know there is a way around it eventually.



Marcos Hernandez Fri, 06/12/2009 - 08:07

There has been a couple of issues reported with the TSW, but so far, they all seem to be related to the fact that TSW was run before all phones were registered. We'll keep an eye on this. If your CCA extension length gets a little crazy again, please log a TAC case.

Thanks a lot,



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