ACE Scripting - Can a script take rservers out of service?

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Jun 11th, 2009

I am not finding any info related to ace scripting and using them to modify configuration states...all info is related to probing. I would like to have a script that will "no inservice" a bunch of particular rservers as it is a common task we need to do.


I have this problem too.
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cstockwe Thu, 06/11/2009 - 17:08

I've done it a different way which might be of help.

I use 2 probes on the one serverfarm (probe #1 for normal application checking and probe #2 checking for the existence of a file via http get).

This way, the server admins can take any rserver they want out of the farm by manipulating the 2nd probe's target file (eg. temporarily renaming it)...this takes the rserver out of service as the probe fails.

Then when the server boys finish their maintenance they can can restore the file to it's original state and the ACE probe will recover.

All this means they can completely manage the in/out of service of a particular rserver themselves and the ACE admin (me) doesn't need to be called! :)

huangedmc Thu, 06/11/2009 - 20:30

That's exactly how we do our probes and so far it's been working pretty well, and I highly recommend it.

To answer the OP's question though, no, I don't know any script that can take an rserver out automatically except what cstockwe already mentioned above.

jdean1 Thu, 06/11/2009 - 20:59

Thanks for the response. Unfortunately, our architecture wont really allow for this as easily. The ace rservers are not servers, but rather separate whole entities such as datacenters or micro-datacenters that are front ended by their own loadbalancers, etc. So for us, taking an rserver out of service is equivalent to moving traffic to a whole other webfarm, etc. I dont know if doing the file based probe method would be a workable (or ops tolerable) solution in this case. Anyone know if you can actually have the TCL scripts on the ace execute commands?

Thanks again.


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