Trouble setting up a 4in6 Tunnel

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Jun 11th, 2009

I've been trying to set up this tunnel with no luck. I have a network like:

Node A <--> Switch 1 <--> Router1 <--> Vlan 1

Node B <--> Vlan 1

Node B <--> Qualnet

Node C <--> Qualnet

Node C <--> Vlan 2

Node D <--> Switch 2 <--> Router 2 <--> Vlan 2

Nodes B, C, and Qualnet are an ipv6 network.

Nodes A and D are ipv4.

When I try to ping D from A I sniff B and C with Wireshark. On both I can see the packet going from Router 1 towards Router 2. Then on C I see a response packet going from Router 2 to Router 1, but B doesn't show that packet, so it doesn't make it to B.

Router 1 and 2 are able to ping eachother. B and C can also ping both routers.

I've attatched my config files. Can anyone point out what I'm doing wrong?

*edit: In both my attachment files the key in "crypto isakmp key" should say "crypto isakmp key insecurekey45"

I have this problem too.
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