SPA9000 call pickup and call park problems

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Jun 11th, 2009


We have a SPA9000 setup as described here.

All is working fine with exception of the call pickup and call park features.

If we try to pick up a call ringing on another phone, the caller hears us but we don't hear anything from the caller. We found out, if we pick up the call, immediatly put it on hold and then resume the call all is good, communication works.

But this is an ugly workaround ... and in addition the caller hears the "music on hold" for 1 second or so :)

Did I miss something obvious in the SPA9k configuration? Firmware is the most recent (on the SPA9k as well as on the SPA922 phones). What should I look for in the configuration?

If you need more information, tell us how to retrieve it from the phones.

I have this problem too.
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Patrick Born Thu, 06/11/2009 - 15:58

Hi mironetgmbh,

Please verify that SPA9000 and related devices are running the most current firmware...

Assume the following:

Phone A- external phone

Phone B- internal phone, target of inbound call

Phone C- internal phone, will pick up call when Phone B is ringing

Does this happen on every inbound call from Phone A?

I was thinking NAT when you mentioned one-way audio, but perhaps not, given your "ugly" workaround :-)

What do you do on Phone C to pick up the call when Phone B is ringing?

  1. Please provide configurations of Phone B and Phone C.
  2. Enable debugging on the SPA9000 only
  3. Capture log information for one occurrance that you describe
  4. Disable debugging on the SPA9000
  5. Enable debugging on Phone C
  6. Capture log information for one occurrance that you describe
  7. Place a Wireshark sniffer on the LAN and capture traffic between SPA9000, Phone B, and Phone C
  8. Send to me at paborn at for analysis.




mironetgmbh Thu, 06/11/2009 - 17:56


Thanks for your quick reply.

Does this happen on every inbound call from Phone A?

Yes. No expection for external calls. But internally this works: B calls C and D picks up the call (D is internal VoIP too).

But we will collect the debug information you requested and send it to you.

Probably the configuration of the ISR 2800 (the shared ISDN to VoIP Gateway) would be interesting too. I can't share the whole config, but the important part for us should be no problem.

Patrick Born Mon, 07/13/2009 - 09:06

Reporting back for the community:

mironetgmbh reports that they have solved the problem as follows:


The ISR was "the culprit" as it selected the wrong codec for the SPA9000 PBX. All I needed to do was change the configuration of the dial-peer to ...



codec g711alaw



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