How to get an "Agent to agent" script to work in UCCE 7.5

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Jun 15th, 2009
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Hello everybody.

I have installed a duplexed UCCE 7.5 standard edition (not a System IPCC environment).

My problem is :

I would like to create an Agent to Agent script for transferring a customer call from one agent to another by using AgentID in the CTIOS Agent Desktop.

There for I have to create a dialed number plan for automatic to launch my Agent to Agent script when AgentID's are “dialed” from a CTIOS Desktop Agent. When I try to open the “Dialed Number Plan Bulk Insert” in my ICM Configuration Manager, a dialogbox pops up with this info: “Routing client of the “CallManager / SoftACD or the IPCC System or the Agent Routing Service type must be configured prior to dial number plan”

Below I have tried to explain my ICM configuration and hope if some you guys can help me solving this issue of mine.

I know that in the past you had to do a lot of configuration in the ICM Configuration Manager when using the traditional “Translation routing to VRU” for ICM scripting. :

A number of Network VRU's equal to the number of CRS servers (Type 2).

A number of Trunk groups equal to the number of CRS servers.

1 Logical Controller (PG Generic).

1 Peripheral for CCM (client type : CallManager/SoftACD).

A Peripheral for each CRS ( 2 x VRU - type 2).

A “dummyservice” service for translation routing.

A number of Translation Routes based on the calculated call load to the system for each CRS server.

A number Device Target's equal to the number of “agent” lines.

A CallType.

A Dialed Number.

A ICM Routing script.


Today you basically only need to create in ICM Configuration Manager to have your ICM scripting working with Network VRU scripts :

1 Network VRU (Type 9) + a number of labels equal to the number of CRS servers.

A number of Trunk groups equal to the number of CRS servers.

1 Logical Controller (IPCC System).

1 Peripheral (client Type : IPCC System).

A CallType.

A Dialed Number.

A ICM Routing script.

This is more or less, what need to be configured in ICM.

I do not know what additional configuration steps I need to perform to get I working??

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So you have a UCCE install, but you are using the System PG, rather than the old way of a PG Generic with a CUCM RC and RCs for the IPIVRs. Is that right?

Perhaps the DNP is not compatible with the System PG. I use the DNP all the time, but I don't use the System PG.

Nevertheless, the DNP is a shortcut around a real CUCM route point that makes a true route request through JTAPI. Could you not create a route point in CUCM, associate it with the ICM JTAPI user, then add the matching dialed number on the CUCM RC. Now call type, scheduled script in the normal way. You would need a route point for each agent ID, but you would only need one script, since you could use the Queue to Agent node in "indirect" mode and use the DN to set the agent ID.



slavr Mon, 06/15/2009 - 13:00
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Hi Geoff.

Thanks for your fast reply. :)

Yes, I'm using a System PG!

I was hoping someone could tell if DNP is compatible or not. But as a workaround I can create cti routepoints each agent ID. In my system most of the agent ID is starting with 9xxxxxx. I could just create 1 cti routpoint with "9xxxxxx", it should be enough to trigger my agenmt to agent script. I believe I have to ask Cisco TAC if DNP is compatible with IPCC System PG?


Soren Lavard


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