floater vs. overbook ports in MeetingPlace Express

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rob.huffman Mon, 06/15/2009 - 15:07

Hi ramzi,

My understanding of this is that Floater Ports are used in relation to "Reservationless" Meetings and Overbook Ports are used in relation to "Scheduled" meetings.

Remember the following information:

•Make sure the total number of scheduling ports available (including overbook ports) is equal to or greater than the largest meeting size you expect to schedule.


•Reservationless meetings are best served by a small starting meeting size and a larger floater pool, with little or no overbooking

•With scheduled meetings it is best to set the default meeting size to the average (which is typically about 5), and use overbooking to compensate for no-shows and cases where reservations are higher than actual usage.


Hope this helps!



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