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Jun 15th, 2009

Hi all,

I'm trying to setup a SPA9000 and SPA9xx to my client and they requested for call forwarding features when they away for lunch. I tried to press call forward button on the SPA9xx and even dial using *72 activation code, but it doesn't seem to work. Basically, when incoming call rings on SPA9xx which registered with SPA9000, inbound call doesn't forward to any of phone numbers. eg. Mobile or PSTN. I know I can setup call forward syntax on "Contact List" in SPA9000 but in  customer point of view, I want them to just press a button on SPA9xx and forward all their incoming call to his mobile phone. Any help would be appreciated.

Here the settings

1 x SPA9xx Ext 12

User tab > Cfwd All Dest: 04xxxxxxxx

Phone tab > Supplementary Services > Cfwd All Serv : YES


Contact List : 12

What I have been missing, please advise thanks

I have this problem too.
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Patrick Born Tue, 06/16/2009 - 15:20

Hi Kenny,

I'm assuming that the SPA9000 is at 6.1.5 and that the SPA9x2 phones are at 6.1.3(a).

Assuming that user at phoneA wants to forward all calls to 3615551212

Assuming that a 9 is dialed as a steering digit in order to make an outbound call from phoneA.

The call forward feature can be configure directly on the phone or via the phone's web-ui. Here's how to configure on the phone:

1. Press cfwd / Forward [depending on phone model]

2. Enter 93615551212

3. Press dial softkey

4. Press speaker button to go on-hook [depends on phone model]

5. Calls Forwarded is now displayed on phone's screen

Test by making an internal call to phoneA, the 3615551212 target phone will ring instead of phoneA.

Your config looks good, provided that 0 is a valid steering digit for an available outbound trunk and that "4xxxxxxxx" is a valid target number that the user can normally dial.




paulhopevoicenet Tue, 06/23/2009 - 14:41

I have the same issue. All our SPA9000 customers want to be able to divert their calls easily and quickly at the touch of a button, system wide.

Example: All employees in a small company go to lunch at the same time. Office now unattended. They want all outside calls coming in to the SPA9000 to go to an agreed employees mobile or to another branch office covering.

The divert does work given an internal call to a given extension phone which is on call forward. But on a typical system where calls come in from the outside and ring on a simultaneous or round-robin hunt group of extensions, the call forward setting on a given extension does not work. There does not seem to be any obvious way to arrange a temporary diversion short of going into the SPA9000 web interface, changing the contact field for each line interface to reflect the desired forward and then rebooting the whole system.

Suggestions please.

William Childs Wed, 06/24/2009 - 13:04

Are you using the night time auto attendant? If not you could set your office hours to include everything but your lunchtime hours. Then set your hunt group to call forward to the auto attendant. If it is during lunch your customer will get the night time aa message and will be able to use the night time aa dial plan. In that dial plan, you could set it to say press 0 to leave a message or 1 to reach someone. Then, in the dial plan you could set the syntax to (<0:vmXXXX> | <1:1XXXXXXXXXX>). Basically you need the cfwd to work only during lunch, and this would make it happen so long as your night aa is not in use.

If you are using the night aa, or this will not work for you, please post your call routing, hunt groups, dial plans, and aa settings.

Best of Luck,


paulhopevoicenet Thu, 06/25/2009 - 12:57

Hi Bill

Appreciate your input. Have implemented day and night service AA for some customers with a call forward on night service. However, this is still complex for the customer and not an instant push button solution.

I am sure my illustration was exactly what the original post was referring to and Patrick, with respect has missed this point completely.

I would like to hear from Patrick on this. Maybe there is an easier way to implement an adhoc system wide diversion without a rewrite of the SPA9000 firmware. But I can't think of one!

The customers call forwarding hours (night service AA) may not be fixed and to a specific number. ie. Just at ad-hoc days/times their office may be unattended and they then want a call forward. They may not want an AA at all.

I usually set the night service to divert to a particular extension. Then I tell the customer to use the SPA900 IVR from an analogue phone to set night service instead of day. Then set a call forward on the designated extension.

It works! But all rather an inelegant mess and the customer never fully gets their head around what they are asked to do and why (two stages) and to remember to unpick it all correctly when they return. Conceptual that the night AA routes to a single extension regardless of the chosen inbound caller option and the extension needs to have call forwarding set or all calls will simply ring on that extension and go nowhere else except vm if that is set up. How many non IT literate customers are conceptual!

The bottom line is that excepting using the AA and the IVR and setting call forwarding on a particular correct extension, the call forwarding button on an extension only ordinarily relates to an internal call to that phone from an operator or a colleague and that is really a big corporate function.

I am sure on modern conventional PBXs that you can set a system wide divert, easily, from one phone terminal and the SPA9000 should have something similar.

Incidentally, I find also that call forward does not work at all on an SPAxxx phone if directly registered to an ITSP (hosted or standalone) rather than to the SPA9000. The call forward fails and the effect is like the phone is on DND and the call just ends up at the ITSP vm.

I also find that the nodal function of the AA doesn't work and just causes the SPA9000 to reboot. There is little documentation on writing a nodal script and no proper scripted examples. I have raised this as a support issue and got a blank! If I could set the AA to use a nodal script and just silently/instantly forward a call, this would be an improvement on my existing 'fix'

Any ideas on these points. Again, Particks input would be appreciated.

Best regards



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