Disable Events of Virtual-Access interfaces!

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Dear friends!

I have BRAS(s) of 7206VXR n 10008 series. I have added them DFM of LMS 2.6. And enabled nofitication services via Email.

But since then i have been flooded with the emails of Vi interfaces UP/Down status (from 1000s of PPPoE users connected to BRAS).

I wanna know how can i disable notification of Virtual-Access Interfaces?? I have tried following commands on Virtual-Template and ATM interfaces.. but logs keep comming..

no logging event link-status

Can someone tell me exact command i need to enter on the routers?? or the settings which can be made on LMS to stop events related to Virtual Access Interface???



I have this problem too.
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Joe Clarke Mon, 06/15/2009 - 21:17

You will need to go to DFM > Device Management > Device Details, and unmanage the interfaces you do not care about.

Joe Clarke Tue, 06/16/2009 - 19:56

What is the ifType of the interfaces you do not want managed? Are there any interfaces of this type that you do want managed?

This is the alert Notification.


EVENT ID = 000LC83

ALERT ID = 00000S2

TIME = Tue 16-Jun-2009 13:59:45 BDT

STATUS = Cleared

SEVERITY = Informational



EVENT DESCRIPTION = OperationallyDown::Component=IF-x.x.x.x/2509 [Vi2.2420];Type=PPP;OperStatus=UP;InterfaceCode=CODEUNKNOWN;DuplexMode=FULLDUPLEX;AdminStatus=UP;LastChangedAt=16-Jun-2009 1:59:45 PM;IsFlapping=false;MaxSpeed=282000;Mode=NORMAL;



Moreover can you tell me when set threshold.. I get there type of Interfaces groups ( Interface, Access, Trunk) .

How to determine in which category my this interface will fall??



Joe Clarke Wed, 06/17/2009 - 08:34

Okay, so the interface type is PPP. But do you have other PPP interfaces that you do want to manage?

Interfaces are those objects which are routed, and typically have an IP address (or are at least capable of having an IP address). Trunk ports are switch ports (i.e. L2 ports) which connect to other DFM-managed devices. Access ports are switch ports which do not connect to other DFM-managed devices.


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