Hunt Pilot identification

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I need some help.

Using CUCM

In my case I have 2 Hunt Pilot configured : 250 and 260

both HP go to the same DN (I have 2 DN : 501 & 502)


HP 250 -> ring 501 & 502

HP 260 -> ring 501 & 502

HP 250 belongs to company A

HP 260 belongs to company B

DN 501 & 502 belongs to receptionist

(handling calls for company A & B at the same time)

How do I know if the call coming for HP 250 or 260 ? Is there any way to show the "called" information on IPPhone display ?

Thanks in advance

I have this problem too.
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rob.huffman Tue, 06/16/2009 - 04:24

Hi David,

this is most possible :)

I was just testing this out in our lab a little while back. You can change this behaviour by setting up a new DN on a CTI Route Point that "front ends" (via Call Forward All) the Hunt Group. The calls to this new DN will still reach the Hunt Pilot but will strip off the CLID and replace it with it's own. This way your users will see the proper Hunt Pilot CLID :)

So, for your example, take 250 and move it to become the CTI-RP DN and create a new Hunt Pilot DN of 200 (with the same Line Group Members 501 & 502). On the CTI-RP DN Configuration page for 250 set the Call Forward All to 200. When a call comes in via 250 the users will be able to see that CLID on their phones to identify the proper response. Do the same for 260 :)

Hope this helps!



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