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can you specify with in the script which skill an agent requiers to answer it? I want one CSQ but multiple skills, so if a call comes in and the user presses option 1 for IT support, I can say only people with IT skill can answer this call or call comes in press option 2 for accounts on people with accounts skills can answer it, I don't want to have multiple queues

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James Hawkins Thu, 06/18/2009 - 15:46
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Skills are mapped to CSQ's so this is not possible.

You can allocate multiple skills to an agent so they could in your example answer both support and accounts calls.

Why do you only want to use one CSQ? - I cannot see why this would be useful.

irajbrock Fri, 06/19/2009 - 09:23
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Same thing as the person above me said, why only 1 CSQ?

For example:

Create 2 skills - Spanish & English

Create 2 Skill Based CSQ - Spanish & English

Assign the Spanish skill to the Spanish CSQ

Assign the English skill to the English CSQ

Now, take Agent A and give that agent the English and Spanish Skill

Now, take Agent B and just assign the English Skill

In your script based on what the caller presses, you can now route the call to a spanish speaker, or to an English speaker (Granted Agent A can speak both languages.

In Conclusion, only using one CSQ would not have the need for skills based routing. In that case you want to route by resource group.


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