CCNA!!! finally.....

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Jun 18th, 2009

After much hard I passed, not a great score, 846 out of 825. I was very discouraged near the end, figured I didn't have a chance in #*#$@. I was down to the last 4 questions with 3:00 minutes left. To my great surprise, this shipmate passed.

I have this problem too.
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Jon Marshall Thu, 06/18/2009 - 13:40


Congrats on passing.

I think you need to change your "CCNA in study" to either CCNA or perhaps "CCNP in study" ?? :-)


jimmysands73_2 Thu, 06/18/2009 - 23:31 hopefully I can get a job selling propane or propane accessories in Arlen .

Thank you for the congrats. I posted my exam score, which I guess is a no-no as I learning in a forum on the Cisco Learning Network. But for some reason I am not getting the edit option on my own posting to take it out.

I took all four NetAcad classes (here in Las Vegas)...the first two in 2002-03, then the last two in 2009, yes a considerable time difference. I used the NetAcad lab equipment extensively, and when I couldnt I used Packet Tracer (or remoted into the NetLabs our school had setup for 24/7 remote access). I loaded GNS3/Dynagen, but never really used it for more than a few minutes. For books I used the NetAcad books, Lammle study guide, and his Fast Pass book. I used the Cisco Learning Network forums and these forums also, looking forward to authors such as rburts, p.bevilacqua, leolaohoo, giuslar, jon.marshall, pkhatri, name only a few. I also used for practice questions.

Good luck to all ahead of me and all behind me,


pipemajor Wed, 08/05/2009 - 09:04

I've worked in networking and IT management for 20-something years with a graduate degree in business but never been certified at anything. Perhaps because I worked mostly on non-Cisco equipment.

I started a CCNA study program in 2003 with dismal results (poor training materials, false expectations, etc.) and met many failures. Finally passed the INTRO exam in 2006 but couldn't get past the ICND exam to get CCNA.

Started over with all new texts (CP books), acquired a home lab and just passed ICND1 last month (finally "some" Cisco cert under my belt)... Hope to write ICND2 exam late Aug or early September. If successful, I'll gain CCNA after 6 years of trying.


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