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Marcos Hernandez Fri, 06/19/2009 - 07:26
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The TCV App is turned on and configured as shown in the video, no backdoors or tricks of any kind are required. Things you should check:

- Phone loads and phone models that you are using

- Have you changed any services URL on your system, or authentication URL?



vcorbett Tue, 12/01/2009 - 22:17
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I am experiencing the exact same symptom, using the latest software pack UC520-7.1.3-ea.zip.

Looking at the code produced, it seems as if there is a conflict with the URL sevice line created for the phone template (to include TimeCardView) and that defined for the VoiceView application under telephony-service:



em logout 0:0 0:0 0:0

fxo hook-flash

max-ephones 14

max-dn 56

ip source-address port 2000

max-redirect 20

auto assign 10 to 19

auto assign 5 to 8 type anl

calling-number initiator

service phone videoCapability 1

service dnis overlay

service dnis dir-lookup

timeouts interdigit 5

system message Cisco Small Business Pro

url services

url authentication

ephone-template 15

url services 1 TimeCardView

I change the url services command under ephone-template to '4' and things start to work....



Steven DiStefano Wed, 12/02/2009 - 04:06
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Same thing happened to me at a Partner location a few weeks back on this pack on a UC520 as well.    I reported it but was not reproducible.  Even I could not in my own lab.   But we also adjusted the Ephone template 15 to have the proper URL and it showed up on all the phones after they reset.  We left Telephony-service alone.



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