L2 switches and hubs

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Jun 20th, 2009

Hi every body!

I have a question.

According to my book, switches support rate adaptation,which means that device that use different ethernet speeds can communicate through the switch while hubs do not support rate adaptation.


Do we have hubs for different speed? for example in order to connect two pc which support 10 Mbps speed, i must find the hub with 10 mbps ports?

we can not connect pc( 10 mbps) to hub which support only 100 mbps speed. Can we?

thanks a lot!

I have this problem too.
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Correct Answer by Laurent Aubert about 7 years 7 months ago


Dual speed hubs are available.



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Joseph W. Doherty Sat, 06/20/2009 - 17:48

BTW, my understanding of dual speed 10/100 hubs, they actually provide an internal 2 port bridge between the 10 and 100 segments.

For routine traffic, normally you wouldn't care. However, if you wanted to use such a hub to perform traffic analysis, it's possible the bridge might not forward unicast traffic if it knows receiving MAC isn't on other bandwidth segment.

If there's a bridge, it might also be possible to extend hubs beyond normal Ethernet repeater restrictions (i.e. the 5-4-3 rules for 10 Mbps, and 2 Class II hubs for 100 Mbps) if you forced traffic across different bandwidth segments.


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