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Jun 21st, 2009
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Hello I have UCCE 7.2.3 with one campaign outbound in mode predictive and I need to know why the calls that is receive in iphone (customer) from Agent CTI Toolkit outbound is hang up after the calls is aswered for the customer?

The agents is reserved and hold then customers answer the calls then calls is hang up

any can help me!

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You need to think about the mechanics of the Dialer.

The Dialer calls the customer from a dialer port (one of the configured VIC 30 "phones") and when the customer answers, it wants to transfer the back end of the call to the agent it has reserved with the reservation "call". In order to do this, it needs to lay the call on top of the reservation call, then drop the reservation call out from underneath.

There are a couple of things that can go wrong here.

The usual solution to your problem is that call waiting is not configured on the line, so when it tries to lay the call on top of the reservation call, it can't do this and the call is dropped.

This used to be an issue with the older CCM (say 4.1) because the default was to turn off call waiting. You really had to enable this to make it work.

With later CUCMs, the default included call waiting.

Anyway, check the line of the agent to see.

If this is OK, then you could have some odd CUCM configuration that's preventing the transfer. You should find the error in the trace of CUCM.



santiago_figuer... Mon, 06/22/2009 - 11:57
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Thanks for your reply, Now I have this problem , The port 30VIP do not registered a CUCM.

I have several phone and I can to do transfer, conference with all.

Can you see the attached.


That's certainly a problem.

Once the 30VIP phones are created you should stop the Dialer and run DialogicTest.exe and ensure that you can call from the phones you have created. This is a Skinny test - follow the Guide.

Now that you have proved that the 30VIP phones are correct, stop DialogicTest and restart the Dialer. You of course must associate the 30VIP phones with your ICM JTAPI user, or the Dialer cannot use them.

But what is wrong with the CTI Server? Is it running? Is the Dialer configured with the correct data?

Can you run a CTIOS Soft Phone and make an outbound call? This will validate that the CTI Server and CTIOS are correct.



santiago_figuer... Mon, 06/22/2009 - 13:20
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Just now I changed the mask of PG, Rogger, and CUCM. After that I can not see the registered port 30VIP.

All server can to do ping them.

I can registered a IP Comm.

CTIOS Soft Phone now can not logg in. This option is disable.

joesnyde Mon, 06/22/2009 - 13:24
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Hi Santiago

Couple of things to check.

1. Verify the NIC binding order on the PG is correct, visible NIC first, private NIC second.

2. Verify that the NIC/Switch settings are set to 100MB full duplex. If NIC/Switch are capable of gig, set to Auto on both NIC and Switch.

3. Verify the line is associated to Jtapi user in CCM. It may be necessary to recreate the line and associate to jtapi user then restart the dialer.

4. Verify in Configuration Manager (On the AW)that the dialer is associated to the correct PG, should be the CallManager/Agent PG not MRPG.

santiago_figuer... Mon, 06/22/2009 - 16:14
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Thanks for your reply, Now I can registered the 30vip, but I can not logg in with my CTI ToolKit. I do not receive any message only I can not logg in.


santiago_figuer... Mon, 06/22/2009 - 17:50
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Hello Thanks for your reply now I get the message dwCancelDialingCalls=1 dwThrottlingUpValue=1 dwThrottlingDownValue=2 MaxPortCapacityReachedCount =30

The agent can not recieve the callas also customer do not recieve the calls.

But I done three calls and it work fine, then I had the error.


You need to slow down a bit here. You are all over the place. I have to assume you are just doing this in a lab system, correct? Is this your first attempt at the Dialer?

The Dialer in Predictive mode is quite tricky, and any errors in setup will be amplified as it tries to over dial. My suggestion is to wind it back until you have it working.

Set the number of "lines" per agent to 1, so that it only makes one call per reservation. Min 1.0, max 1.0.

When ths call is answered, ensure that it is delivered to the agent. Investigate the redial parameters (when your customer does not answer). Watch and see if the AMD (Answering Machine Detection) is miscalculating if the customer answers the phone and does not say anything.

Reread all the documentation, please!!



digitalhaus Sun, 12/06/2009 - 08:38
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You might have a CODEC mismatch. The dialer only uses g711. Check that you are using G711 or appropriate transcoders, etc for the customer leg.


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