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Jun 22nd, 2009

I have two switch and a router.I will name them switch A and B. SwitchA is connected to f0/0 of the router and switchB is connected to f0/1 of the same router.

SwitchA is connened to a lan network which is network.which the interface f0/0 is

SwitchB: The first five port on B is connected to AP which has these netwotk bellow.






and the f0/24 is conneced to the f0/1 on the router.

What ip would i give the gateway to the switchB and i would i route the network to the other lan

I have this problem too.
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dhananjoy chowdhury Mon, 06/22/2009 - 01:34

Hi, you need to do some changes,

you can do it in two ways

1. the easier way - Use a supernet for all the AP subnets and assign the router int f0/1 IP =

And on all the hosts in the Switch B, set default gateway as

But this way it won't be secure and not a good solution.

2. Use different vlan for each of the ports on swtch B,

port 1- vlan 10, port 2- vlan20,port3-vlan30,port4-vlan40,port5-vlan50

and the port24 as trunk port.

On the router interface f0/1, create subinterfaces for each vlan.

f0/1.10 - vlan10 - ip

f0/1.20 - vlan10 - ip

and so on.

So, the host on 1st port using subnet will use GW as and so on.

Hope this helps.


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