To specify a challenge phrase that is registered with the CA during enrollment, use the password command in crypto ca trustpoint configuration mode. The CA typically uses this phrase to authenticate a subsequent revocation request. To restore the default setting, use the no form of the command.

password string

no password

string - Specifies the name of the password as a character string. The first character cannot be a number. The string can contain any alphanumeric characters, including spaces, up to 80 characters. You cannot specify the password in the format number-space-anything. The space after the number causes problems. For example, "hello 21" is a legal password, but "21 hello" is not. The password checking is case sensitive. For example, the password "Secret" is different from the password "secret".

bob.bartlett Mon, 06/29/2009 - 14:16
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this is not for a CA but for Local Authentication on the ASA.


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