CUCM 5.1.3 - Disk/active (91%)

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I have already set logging to default settings and set the high water mark to 70% on the Disk/logging partition.

Now the Active partition is full, how can I resolve this?

Many Thanks, Nico

admin:show status

Host Name : SP-CM-SRV01

Date : Tue Jun 23, 2009 10:32:39

Time Zone : Africa/Casablanca

Locale : en_US.UTF-8

Product Ver :

Platform Ver :


10:32:41 up 167 days, 17:03, 1 user, load average: 0.18, 0.13, 0.17

CPU Idle: 84.42% System: 03.02% User: 06.53%

IOWAIT: 06.03% IRQ: 00.00% Soft: 00.00% Intr/sec: 247.00

Memory Total: 2055436K

Free: 19336K

Used: 2036100K

Cached: 654832K

Shared: 0K

Buffers: 126036K

Total Free Used

Disk/active 12316656K 1150924K 11040600K (91%)

Disk/inactive 12316672K 895532K 10795472K (93%)

Disk/logging 43103012K 12378716K 28534768K (70%)


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I found a few bugs on this CUCM version:


CAR Systemoverview report failure causing active partition full

CAR Systemoverview report failure causing active partition full


large number of files are accumulated under /usr/local/thirdparty/jakarta-tomcat/webapps/carreports/reports/pregenerated/SystemOverview, when monthly system overview report failes


configure CAR to run monthly system overview report


Disable monthly system overview report.


Licensing files write to /tmp causes 100% disk usage in Active partition

Licensing files write to /tmp causes 100% disk usage in Active partition


Licensing trace file "licThreadDump.log" write to /tmp that contribute to 100% disk usage in Active partition.




Do not have a workaround


MOH file upload fails due to lack of disk space


DRS stuck in CCMDB backup if many CDR files in Preserved folder


Callmanager 5.1.3 is able to backup the components to SFTP server successfully earlier, but as with the system running and the CDR records starting to build up, the backup start to fail at some stage.


huge set of CDR/CMR files may accumulate in Preserve folders (e.g 110,000) caused a big backup.log file exceeded 1 MB(e.g 20MB)

Typical Scneario:

Customer does not want to use CAR but using third party billing server instead and CAR loader is disabled, in callmanager 5.1.3, this can result in large number of CDR/CMR accumulated in Preserve folder.


In 5.1.3 and later

Stopping CAR service will not stop accumulating flat CDR Files.

To clean up the CDR files temporarily to that DRS can proceed,

1. stop the CDR Agent service on all servers in the cluster, so no new CDR files will be pushed to the publisher.

2. check to make sure all the files have been pushed to the billing server(s), do the following command

ls -R /var/log/active/cm/cdr_repository/destination*

to make sure there is no symbolic link in any of the subfolders

3. Stop CDR Repository Manager, CAR Scheduler and CAR Web Service on the publisher

4. remove all the files under /var/log/active/cm/cdr_repository/preserve/ that have been accumulated. And remove all the symbolic links under /var/log/active/cm/cdr_repository/car/ with the following commands,

rm -rf /var/log/active/cm/cdr_repository/preserve/*

rm -rf /var/log/active/cm/cdr_repository/car/*

5. restart CDR Repository Manager, CAR Scheduler, CAR Web Services on the publisher.

To stop further accumulation of CDR files, start CAR Scheduler service, set the loader to schedule to continuously loading, load CDR only.

1. create a ccmadmin account if not yet in user group management on ccmadmin page

2. log in to CAR, go to System->Scheduler->CDR Load,

3. check "Continuous Loading 24/7" and "Load CDR only" boxes

4. click "update"

5. goto System->Database->Configure Automatic Database Purge,

6. set both "Min Age of Call Detail Records" and "Max Age of Call Detail Records' to 1

7. click "update"

8. go to Report Config->Automatic Generation/Alert

9. For each report, select "Disabled" status and click "Update"

Finally, restart CDR Agent service on all the servers.

workaround for DRS :

1. Restart DRS Master Agent and Local Agent.

2. Delete the backup.log from location /common/drf


CAR Systemoverview report failure causing active partition full


large number of files are accumulated under /usr/local/thirdparty/jakarta-tomcat/webapps/carreports/reports/pregenerated/SystemOverview, when monthly system overview report failes


configure CAR to run monthly system overview report


Disable monthly system overview report.

Further Problem Description:

parshah Tue, 06/23/2009 - 09:42


The active partition upto 97% used is expected. The active partition holds static files like the system files and executables, etc.

The logs for traces, CDR, etc are actually written on the loggin partition. So seeting the high water mark to 70% is going to affect the logging partition only.

The way partitions are configured in CUCM is that the active and inactive partition size is set to just a little bit above the actual required size. So you will notice that active/inactive partitions are usually close to 95%, 97% full. This is fine. As long as the used percentage does not continue to increase you are good. The defects that you pointed out, most should be fixed in 5.1.3.

Anyway, looking at the output of show status command you provided, I think you are good, no need to worry. Just make sure that active partition used does not increment consistently, if that happens than you might have some issues.


Spacechannel Mon, 06/14/2010 - 01:41


I have exactly the same used/available disk space ratio on my CUCM 5.1.3 but I'd like to upgrade it to CUCM 7.1.

Do you think I have sufficiant disk space during the upgrade ? Basically, how much space will I need for an upgrade ? Is it only the size of the installation DVD (something like 4,7Go) or should I expect more ?

Aaron Harrison Mon, 06/14/2010 - 01:48


I wouldn't worry about this; as the earlier posts suggest it's normal for the CCMs to run at high disk usage.

The DVD does get copied locally, but I presume this goes to the common/logging partition rather than the active one. Either way, it's rare for disk usage to cause any issues.



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Spacechannel Mon, 06/14/2010 - 02:43

Well, it has to go to the logging partition because I only have 900Mb left on both active and inactive partitions... Anyway, this local copy is only temporary right ? I mean when the installation is complete, it's removed from the disk, isn't it?

So if anyone can confirm that an upgrade to CUCM 7 on a +90% used space disk is possible (new files installed for new version do not take much more space disk), it would be greatly appreciated.

Aaron Harrison Mon, 06/14/2010 - 03:51


As long as you have checked your hardware against what is required for the new version, you should be fine.

High disk usage is normal disk usage for CCM, so it should not cause issues.


Spacechannel Mon, 06/14/2010 - 04:56

I have checked the hardware prerequisites for the new version and it's ok. (It actually says that I need a minimum of 72 GB disk space).

The only thing I am concerned is about the remaining disk space. In normal operation, I don't mind if it's usually used at more than 90% since it's normal.

However, as I'm not installing the new software on new hardware but on this same server, I was wondering if the available disk space could be problematic for an upgrade.

My understanding is that the new software is installed on an inactive partition, does that mean that the current inactive partition gets overwritten ? Initially, what does the inactive partition contain ?

Aaron Harrison Mon, 06/14/2010 - 05:06


The 72gb refers to the total space really...

The upgrade process writes a new copy of the OS, DB, program files etc etc into the 'inactive' paritition. If you've never upgraded this server, that partition will be blank. If you have previously upgraded, it will contain the previous version of the software and the config at the time of the upgrade.

The idea is that if you upgrade, and  then during testing find a bug or other problems/incompatibilities with other systems etc, you can reboot to the other partition to roll back the upgrade.

The % space usage you see will be per-partition.

So yes, whatever is on the inactive partition will be overwritten as soon as you kick off the upgrade.



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Spacechannel Mon, 06/14/2010 - 05:38

Hey there,

I didn't have this information until 5 minutes ago... Thanks for the confirmation and lightspeed reply

Finally, I can conclude that I have 12Gb on inactive partition. I guess it's enough for CUCM 7.1.3!



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