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We are working on assigning VPN clients IP addresses from different pools depending on which group they are in on our ACS server. We are looking to use the 'Assigned from AAA client pool' option on the group configuration page of the ACS, by specifying the name of an ip pool that exists on the ASA itself.

I've checked the option on the ACS, and created a local pool on the ASA as follows:

ip local pool ippooltest mask

when a vpn account that is in that group tries to VPN they don't receive an IP from that pool. Has anyone ever set this feature up, and is there an additional place I have to configure something on the ASA?

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I contacted TAC and we determined that when the 'Authenticate using' section of the devices network configuration was set to 'RADIUS (Cisco VPN 3000/ASA/PIX 7.x+)' the attribute 88 - framed-pool was not being sent to the ASA. Changing the 'Authenticate using' to "Radius IETF" let the attribute 88 be sent to the ASA.

Unfortunately on a debug of the ASA, when it receives that RADIUS packet, attribute 88 is set to 'Unknown' . The engineer thought maybe this wasn't supported by the ASA and is following up with her team. I'll post back with an update so if anyone in the future tries this they'll know.

I've figured it out.

1)On the ACS, go to "Interface Configuraton" - "RADIUS (Cisco VPN 3000/ASA/PIX 7.x+)" - Check the boxes for "[026/3076/217] Address-Pools" .

Click OK.

2)Under the Network Configuration button on the left,

Set the 'Authenticate Using' type for the ASA to 'RADIUS (Cisco VPN 3000/ASA/PIX 7.x+)'

Click OK.

3)Under the Group configuration jump to the 'Cisco VPN 3000/ASA/PIX v7.x+ RADIUS Attributes' section and check the box for '[3076\217] Address-Pools' . Submit & Restart.

4)On the ASA just create a local pool using the command 'ip local pool POOLNAME'

5)That's it.


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