RVL200 doesn't route packets from LAN to WAN

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Jun 24th, 2009
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we are trying to expand our local network with subnets for the development

For testing the new network setup we purchased 2 RVL200 Routers:

- We have connected the routers to our main network via the WAN port.

- We have set up static IP on the WAN port
  a), Mask, GW, DNS
  b), Mask, GW, DNS

- We have set up DHCP on the LAN port
  a) IP=, DHCP: .. 127, DNS
  b) IP=, DHCP: .. 127, DNS

- We have set the mode to 'Router'  (no NAT - I.net by main network servers)

- We have disabled the Firewall (is done by main network servers)

- In short words: we are using the RVL200 only as a router and DHCP server.

Once this setup is made everything is working fine.
The RVL200 routers work as expected.
A PC behind the RVL200 can access the main network and log into the windows
domain (Outlook, Internet, ... are working fine).

But once we have a power-off (or a reset) of the RVL200 something fails:
- The PC cannot get access to the main network.
- Using the ping diagnosis of the RVL200 we can access LAN and WAN

  (form the RVL200).
- Using ping on the PC we can reach all LAN (e.g. 192.168.2.*) devices
  but cannot reach the main network gateway ( or DNS
  server (

It seams that the RVL200 fails to route packets from LAN (192.168.2.*,
192.168.3.*) to the main network (192.168.255.*).

By playing around we found out that going to 'Setup' -> 'Network' (in the
RVL200 Admin page) and pressing the 'Save Settings' button (without applying
any changes) fixes the problem. After a delay of 10 to 15 Seconds the RVL200
starts routing packet into the main subnet. (We observed this by a ping for
the gateway running on the PC - a short time after the save-action the
ping succeeds.)

We have the latest RVL200 firmware installed (v1.1.7).

Can we somehow work around this problem or are we missing some extra
setup (e.g. a static route) ?

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jestowe Wed, 06/24/2009 - 14:59
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Thank you for your question.

Your setup looks accurate.  However, you can utilize static routes or enable a routing protocol such as RIP.  It may just be easier to enable RIP and let that create your routes for you.


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