Can't see native VLAN 1 on trunked switch

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I have an ASA5510 routing the VLAN's. 1 trunk comes from the ASA into a dell 5324 managed switch, out that into a 2nd 5324 switch, out that into a Cisco-Linksys SRW224G4. I can see all the VLANs on all the switches and they all are routed properly, except the native VLAN 1 on the SRW224G4. The native VLAN works on the two Dell switches, so it must be there on the trunk. On the SRW224G4, g4 is set as a trunk on the "port setting" and it is joined to all VLANs tagged except native that is joined as untagged. I don't see how to do a show run or get to CLI on this. VLAN1 is public IPs.


Any ideas?

I have this problem too.
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John Blakley Wed, 06/24/2009 - 13:43

Try changing the Dell port that connects to the Linksys to a general mode instead of trunked mode:

int eth 1/g1

switch mode general

switch general allowed vlan add 1,2,3

The Dell's don't seem to work well with Cisco equipment unless they're in general mode.



david-lima Wed, 06/24/2009 - 14:37

Hi, just to add to the good post of John, try these configuration in your switch dell:

int eth 1/g1

switch mode general

switch general allowed vlan add 1 untagged

switch general allowed vlan add 2,3,..n tagged


Hope this help


Hey guys, thanks a lot for the help. You got me pushed in the right direction. When I tried to add VLAN 1 untag I got "VLAN was not created by user." That got me wondering how the trunk between the two dells was setup just as you said it should be (except trunk vs. general), and I noticed the port setting for my trunk to the Linksys was not VLAN 1. So I went back to setting the dell as a trunk adn made that interface PVID 1., and my pings started coming back from VLAN 1's gateway. So I did sw trunk all vla add all and everyone is happy.

Perhaps I should have seen that sooner, but it sure is tough when you have one switch GUI only and the dell CLI is only about 95% accurate as a cisco clone. You get what you pay for but I can't complain. With my educational discount, I've got a decent managed switch trunking a dozen vlans to my bench. Now I can do testing and work on client PCs at the same time (I'm a one man band here).


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