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Jun 24th, 2009


We are proposing a Unified CCX 7, and the customer wants the following to happen:

1) The agent answers a call and has fields in his desktop client to classify the call (like, New Customer, VIP, etc). I know this can be done with customizable Enterprise Data.

2) The next time the agent answers the call coming from the same telephone number (or whatever method of identifying the called, like a customer ID), the agent desktop shows the last variable saved. Like, in step 1, the first call was classified as a New Customer. The next time the same call goes in, the agent can see how the previous call was treated.

Is that possible? I have configured custom Enterprise Data fields, and I can save information on them, but they don't show up the next time the call comes in.

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Mario Rojas

I have this problem too.
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Not possible. Call variables are only valid as long as the call is alive. Once the call terminates, the data is lost.

You need to implement a database integration to do what you want. It would need some careful thought as to when to write the data, and how to look up the call data when a call arrives.

In UCCE, call variables can be made persistent, but the information is stored in the database in a slightly convoluted way, and is not there for lookup purposes, but for historical reporting. Even with UCCE, you need to manage the data yourself.



mrojasgue Wed, 06/24/2009 - 23:02

Thanks Geoff!

Our customer is considering a database integration, but one of his deciding factors was how much data could he store in the own IPCC Express database. According to your info, it will definitely need an external data store.

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I don't know how many calls you get each day, so I don't know how many rows you need. And what would be your purge strategy? You may want to discard calls older than a week. These are details.

But no matter how much data you have, Cisco probably do not support another logical database on CRS. They go so far as to remove Microsoft Enterprise Manager (on Windows boxes) making it extremely difficult to add another logical database to the server.

If it's like UCCE, the databases are hands-off.

All this means that you want to go to an external database.




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