WebView Login Issue using Supervisor ID

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Jun 27th, 2009
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We are using IPCC Enterprise 7.2.4

In Configuration Manager,we have created one agent id as supervisor and assigned some team members under that agent id. We have added the supervisor in the teamlist as well.

The issue is when we try to login with that supervisor id into the Webview reporting it is keep on throwing the authentication error message. We could not able to login even the first time.

Because of this issue, the callcentre supervisor unable to login to the Webview report to see their team performance.

Kindly help me on the above with respect to any configuration change or is it a known issue ????

FYI : If I create a new user with Webview permission under the USER option in configuration manager , can able to login.



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When you PROMOTED an agent in the Agent Explorer to a Supervisor, it asked for a name and a password. This user was created in the ICM Active Directory and it is that authentication model that WebView uses. This screen asks for the user name and a password. This password must satisfy the complexity required.

You can check in AD that the user was created correctly. Should be under the Cisco ICM OU.

Try to login at the WebView screen with ICM_DOMAIN\ and the password. Obey case, at least to get started.

This WebView user has a limited view - just their team as has been discussed here before. We find that this user is pretty useless - cannot see call types. So we create another USER account for each Supervisor to use in WebView.



pattabiraman Sun, 06/28/2009 - 02:52
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Hi Geoff,

Thanks for your response.

I checked it in AD, the user was created correctly under cisco ICM OU. One small clarification : ICM_DOMAIN -> DOMAIN means our domain name has to be entered or we can enter the same script as it is.

pattabiraman Sun, 06/28/2009 - 05:16
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I created username - super1

Password - password

Checked in agent explorer - Supervisor checkbox.

Checked this user is supervisor for D_All team

Checked this agent is there in t_agent table and with supervisor field "Y".

Domain name is parsec

Now when i am logging to webview, i am using the username as


password - password , however i repeatedly getting, invalid username or password. I tried deleating the username and created again, same issue.



What are you doing with "ICM_parsec" when the ICM domain is called "parsec". I imagine the name is actually something like


Try logging in to webview as PARSEC\super1

Try logging in to webview as [email protected]

Go onto the AD. Look at the user ICM created. Make it so the user can login. On an ICM box that is in the domain, log out the Administrator and try to log this guy in. If the system says passwd invalid, try setting it in AD and trying again.



pattabiraman Sun, 06/28/2009 - 23:19
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Hi Geoff,

I logged in ICM machine with the super1 username under Parse domain. It is logging in properly.

The issue is happening only with the webview report.

Plsssss help me......



pattabiraman Mon, 06/29/2009 - 02:08
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Yeah Geoff. We logged in with admin too... Its logging in ...

joesnyde Mon, 06/29/2009 - 06:28
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You may want to verify some things first. When you created the agent and then promoted to supervisor, did you create the username and password to be different then the agent username and password within Agent Explorer?

"I logged in ICM machine with the super1 username under Parse domain. It is logging in properly." Did you login into the AW with these credentials? You need to make sure that you are logged into an AW with domain admin privilege.

What is the url that you are trying to log in with? Should be something like http:///. Are you trying to login to Webview on the AW? Try logging in on a client machine with the supervisor credentials.

pattabiraman Mon, 06/29/2009 - 22:10
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To answer to your question, We gave same username and password for the agent and supervisor within agent explorer.

We dint try login to AW server with these credentials, but we logged in to other client machine using supervisor's login and password. We may try this today after hours.


we are trying to access http:///ipcce and we are opening it from AW machine, we are using any client machine to access webview.




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