stephan.steiner Thu, 07/09/2009 - 22:57
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Did you check the data dictionary for CCM5? It's probably not enduser but one of the table that links user with extensions.

Alternatively, this might help you figure it out: during off hours, enable debug level traces of the database layer monitor, then look at a user in ccmadmin. To display the user, the admin page will perform a bunch of SQL queries which should show up in the debug level traces - I often turn on debug level traces when I have an issue with AXL and the error message AXL returns doesn't tell me anything.. looking at what is done behind in the database can be very useful in at least figuring out where the problem might lie.

Sascha Monteiro Fri, 07/10/2009 - 11:27
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I have found it;

bugid: CSCsv31967

In 5.x and later the DN associations to users are in the EndUserNumPlanMap table. There's a tkDNUsage field in the map that allows different types of DN associations:






ICD / IPCC share data, right?

The Primary DN assocation in AXL maps to EndUserNumPlanMap record with tkDNUsage = 1. An IPCC extension should be available in AXL corresponding to EndUserNumPlanMap record with tkDNUsage = 2.


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