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Jun 29th, 2009
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Looking for best practices in migrating from 2 Core 4006 switches running HSRP to 2 new Core 6509's running VSS w/Sup720. The VSS has already been setup before I came on board, but nothing has been migrated over just yet.

I'm planning out where server's & Inf devices will go in pre-configuring/labeling the ports on the 6509's. The concern is everything in he Core is pointing to the VIP on the 4006's running HSRP and we don't want to touch everything to change to a new default gateway. With the current setup, the Inf devices point to VIP x.x.x.3/24 with x.x.x.2/24 being the secondary 4006 and x.x.x.1/24 being the primary 4006.

There are 2 trunked links from the 4006's to the VSS and going to test setting up MEC and remove the trunk links. What would be gained if anything by removing the trunks and going with MEC between the old and new Core? Eventually the 4006's will go away which is the plan once everything is migrated over, but I'm concerned with production being affected and how to mimic the x.x.x.3/24 VIP config in the VSS environment.

Any help, suggestions, best practices is greatly appreciated!

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crow930us Tue, 06/30/2009 - 01:41
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There are several sessions that are a part of Cisco Live that cover VSS. I would keep an eye for when they make these sessions available. The sessiosn I've found are: BRKRST-3035 - Advanced Enterprise Campus Design: Virtual Switching System (VSS), BRKRST-3036 - Advanced Enterprise Campus Design: Routed Access, BRKRST-3322 - Catalyst 6500 and 4500 IP Multicast Architecture and Troubleshooting, BRKRST-3468 - Cisco Catalyst Virtual Switching System (VSS), BRKDCT-2981 - L2MP overview: going beyond the spanning tree protocol.

Usually Cisco is good about getting their Cisco Live sessions out for people who have access to them.

binaryops Thu, 02/04/2010 - 15:30
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Sorry it's taken me so long to reply to this thread and thanks for taking the time to answer my question.  I guess I'm not familiar with where to get those Cisco Live sessions that you listed.  I did a search on cisco.com and didn't query anything related to this information.  Any help is greatly appreciated, maybe a link or two.


Reza Sharifi Thu, 02/04/2010 - 17:43
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but I'm concerned with production being affected and how to mimic the x.x.x.3/24 VIP config in the VSS environment. 

That is one the benefits of VSS.  You do not have to worry about VRRP or HSRP and etc... any more since the 2 physical switches become logically one.



danrya Thu, 02/04/2010 - 19:17
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If nothing is pointing to .1 and .2 addresses, then just create an layer 2 connection between the old core and new.  Then move the .3 address to a vlan interface (SVI) such as:

interface vlan 10

ip address x.x.x.3

Whan you move the ethercahnnels to the new VSS, make them Layer 2 instead of Layer 3.  Since your using VSS, it doesn't matter if the EC links are on different chassis.


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