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On 1800 image in flash got deleted and came to rommon mode.From rommon i given confreg and set baud rate 115000 and given reset after that its not even coming to rommon mode.How to bring back to rommon.I didnt set break while performing confreg.so ctrl+break not working now!please help

I have this problem too.
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Hi my device is not going to rommon mode

vne-comm#telnet 2037

Trying, 2037 ... Open


6V╗▬f¢▬V█≤▓÷Xµ ▬╗V░66▬½û½▬6¢▒&┘≤▬V¢6╞½▬ ▒▬╪▬ V▬ï6▬▬▬V ▒[Z½░Öâ▬v¢v▒6V█µY÷░s ▬╗V░66▬½▬V▬V▬&╪┘v■6

This is the error

CTRL BREAK is also not working!

smothuku Wed, 07/01/2009 - 02:04

Hi ,

you are getting junk characters because console baud rate is not matching with that of router.

start checking it by changing baud rate of hyper terminal from min value to max value...at one point you will get rommon mode...

Start from 300...try if u get access ok otherwise disconnect the hyper terminal..

then check with next value....follow the same procedure..

then 1200...then 2400...and so on...til you get console access of router

For each and every you need to disconnect the hyper terminal.



patrickvanham Wed, 07/01/2009 - 05:25

It looks like the connection is being made from a commserver of some sort. The commserver needs to be set to the same baud rate as the router for it to function properly. If this is not possible to do you'd need to go onsite and connect directly from a laptop with console cable. The terminal program needs to be the same baud rate as the router


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