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Jun 30th, 2009

I am fairly new to DFM I like this alert that I get but was wondering how to set the lower threshold limit to be higher than whatever is triggering the alert (suspect 45% utilisation). If I wanted to get this alert but only for say 75% utilisation how can I customise the alert to do this?

LMS 2.6 Device Fault Manager 2.0.12

Subject: 0008E4H ; XXX-3-SW4 ; Tue 30-Jun-2009 10:52:35 BST ; Critical ; HighUtilization ; Active

EVENT ID = 0008E4H


TIME = Tue 30-Jun-2009 10:52:35 BST

STATUS = Active

SEVERITY = Critical


MANAGED OBJECT TYPE = Switches and Hubs

EVENT DESCRIPTION = HighUtilization::Component=PORT-XXX-3-SW4/9.48 [Gi9/48] [To XXX-3-SW3 Gig9/48];OutputPacketRate=21923.059 PPS;Type=ETHERNETCSMACD;CurrentUtilization=47.87643 %;InputPacketRate=47668.816 PPS;TrafficRate=5.984554E7 BYPS;UtilizationThreshold=40;Dupl

I have this problem too.
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luijimen Tue, 06/30/2009 - 06:33


You can lower the Utilization threshold under DFM > Configuration > Polling and Thresholds > Managing Thresholds.

The sample alert you provided refers to a Gigabit port, configured either as Trunk or Access. Select the "1 GB Ethernet" speed under the appropriate DFM > System Defined Groups (Access Port Groups or Trunk Port Groups).

Click on "Edit". Lower the "Utilization Threshold" to the value you like. Then click "Save" and make sure to click "Apply Changes" as well.

This should accomplish what you need.

There is an online User Guide as well:




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