8GB Flash Card - Not Recognised

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Jun 30th, 2009


My little 128MB standard Cisco flash card is full, so I purchased a sony 8GB flash card. I tried to install it and the system says not recognised dos or flash card.

Can someone please advise if I can use a 8GB flash card and if so how as i have tried the command prompt to format it and it dont still work or largest flash card that will be recognised by the UC520?



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Marcos Hernandez Tue, 06/30/2009 - 20:34

Non-Cisco Compact Flash Cards are not supported by our TAC.


Marcos Hernandez
Technical Marketing Engineer
Cisco Systems, Inc.

brian.russell31... Tue, 06/30/2009 - 23:31

Thanks for the reply, Can you tell me what the largest sized cisco flash card is that i could purchase that will be supported by the uc520?



Steven DiStefano Wed, 07/01/2009 - 06:37

Currently, only the 128M Flash card is supported.  This has been discussed internally within Cisco and forward looking improvements will be made to CCA where it will recognize phones installed or at least give the user an option to remove/add phone loads (which are a big space hog on flash).  This should free up some space.   As Marcos mentioned, only Cisco Grade flash is supported, and since these SKUs are in DISTY and tied to the SKU is the given flash, with its cost model, it would be very difficult to adjust R&R process and order fullfilment so we are kinda tied to the 128M flash.

If you dont use CCA, you can manually remove the phoneloads you dont use yourself as well....

Feedback like yours is important and as Cisco rolls out new SKUs, you will see more flash, but this is not anything we can discuss today (roadmap).

Thanks for your feedback

Steve DiStefano

Systems Engineer

US Field Channel

brian.russell31... Wed, 07/01/2009 - 07:24


Thanks for your answer, so to re-iterate what you mentioned the maximum size of flash card that any cisco device will use is the Cisco Branded 128Mb flash card... and there is no current possibilty to use a 3rd party one or purchase from cisco a larger capicity one as the CCA dashboard is now telling my my flash card is 100% full....which i think is not good for the UC520 if it has to write info back to the card....

Is there a work around for this or do I manually delete all the phone files which you mentioned gobbles up the space as I only use the 7975G and the IP communicator and have a 7985G on order....thus can I delete all other phone files....



Steven DiStefano Thu, 07/02/2009 - 07:16

As a Cisco Partner, we take pride in you and your ability to build a successful practice around our products.  Part of this experience you have and gain is invaluable to us, especially when you give us feedback liek you are, and I thank you.  As a Channel Sales SE, I have heard this before and brought it to the BU as an advocate for the field.  The feedback I have was the position we have to take with the UC520, based on internal process and business issues.

But I want to be clear that I didn't say every Cisco product comes with 128M Flash.  Only the UC520 SKU that we have today.  In the future (roadmap that cant be discussed openly here) we will improve this.  The size of IOS has increased steadily, beyond what was originally envisioned when this product was conceived in 2007.  And phones that we add over the years also increased capacity needs.

You may delete phone files on flash that you dont use.   As the Partner for a particular installation, you can decide which phones are deployed and leave those on flash.  Manually remove the ones your not using, but only if you feel comfortable putting them back later if the customer buys a phone that you removed from flash.

On the roadmap will be a way that CCA will do this for you.  For now its manual.


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