Peter Nugent Wed, 07/01/2009 - 10:26
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The MCS rate is per access point radio, therefore having 3 x 1250s or 3 x2125s makes no difference.

The 2125 only has 100Mbps ports therefore this would be the maximum throughput so channel bonding is a mute point. MCS 15 gives rates to 150Mbps or raw data just over 100Mbps. MCS 11 would be the highest value that could be achieved with a 2125 as the 100Mbps is the bottleneck.

MCS also depends on the guard interval chosen either 800 or 400ns. The lower guard interval gives marginally better throughput.

I assume you could conect to the access [point at MCS15 but would only see 100Mbps through, I guess I will have to experiment

Rafael Jimenez Wed, 07/01/2009 - 11:51
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Thanks pete, What will be the maximun rate for the 802.11n clients, for example 200 clients.



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