CVP Voice Browser is out of service.

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I would think so. What image have you?

On a 2811 you can certainly get an IOS image like that - I've done this a number of times.

So I assume the 2801 will also support it, but I cannot be absolutely certain without searching the IOS feature list on Cisco.

Does your current image support the "gatekeeper" command?



fabien.damien Mon, 10/26/2009 - 00:48

Hi Geoff,

i have the same problem as Manich, although the gatekeeper is showing up.

entered the command set Gatekeeper (where is the ip of the gatekeeper and CVP_LAB the zone name)

the gateway and the gatekeeper are both installed on the same router and the former is registered with the latter.

this is a lab installation, do we need a license for the h323 to go in service?

can you please advise?


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