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Jul 2nd, 2009

I have a CallConnector server up and running on the newest version, and I am having problems with a few users.

Everything is working fine for three users, the CallConnector client connects to the server, everything works fine. Then I have three other users who cannot connect to their phones. They seem to be able to login, but it gets to the part 'Aquiring phone lines' and says FAILED.

Here is the CallControllerServer log for the events:

TRACE]@2009-07-02@15:53:19** <0x206C> TapiReg_User2         SCCPVersion 9 for User2
[DEBUG]@2009-07-02@15:53:19** <0x206C> TapiReg_User2         [IPPhoneRegister]: IPBinding=
[TRACE]@2009-07-02@15:53:19** <0x206C> TapiReg_User2       [-][CSkinnyAPI::CSkinnyAPI]
[DEBUG]@2009-07-02@15:53:19** <0x206C> TapiReg_User2       [IPPhoneRegisterThreadProc]: TRYING TO CONNECT TO 'User2' [tapi]
[DEBUG]@2009-07-02@15:53:19** <0x0C64> TapiReg_User1     [CSkinnyAPI::fire_RouterConnectError]: STapi02_User1 > Error Invalid TAPI client password
[DEBUG]@2009-07-02@15:53:19** <0x0C64> TapiReg_User1     [IPPhoneRegisterThreadProc]: !!! FAILED TO CONNECT TO 'User1' [tapi]
[DEBUG]@2009-07-02@15:53:19** <0x0C64> TapiReg_User1     [IPPhoneRegisterThreadProc]: *** SERVER IS NOT READY YET (1 out of 8)
[DEBUG]@2009-07-02@15:53:19** <0x0C64> TapiReg_User1     [CServiceModule::RegisterIPPhones()]: SEM = 65528
[TRACE]@2009-07-02@15:53:19** <0x0C64> TapiReg_User1   [-][IPPhoneRegisterThreadProc]
[DEBUG]@2009-07-02@15:53:19** <0x0E38> TapiReg_User3        [CSkinnyAPI::fire_RouterConnectError]: STapi05_User3 > Error TAPI is already registered
[DEBUG]@2009-07-02@15:53:19** <0x0E38> TapiReg_User3        [IPPhoneRegisterThreadProc]: !!! FAILED TO CONNECT TO 'User3' [tapi]
[DEBUG]@2009-07-02@15:53:19** <0x0E38> TapiReg_User3        [IPPhoneRegisterThreadProc]: *** SERVER IS NOT READY YET (2 out of 8)
[DEBUG]@2009-07-02@15:53:19** <0x0E38> TapiReg_User3        [CServiceModule::RegisterIPPhones()]: SEM = 65529
[TRACE]@2009-07-02@15:53:19** <0x0E38> TapiReg_User3      [-][IPPhoneRegisterThreadProc]
[DEBUG]@2009-07-02@15:53:19** <0x206C> TapiReg_User2       [CSkinnyAPI::fire_RouterConnectError]: STapi08_User2 > Error TAPI is already registered
[DEBUG]@2009-07-02@15:53:19** <0x206C> TapiReg_User2       [IPPhoneRegisterThreadProc]: !!! FAILED TO CONNECT TO 'User2' [tapi]
[DEBUG]@2009-07-02@15:53:19** <0x206C> TapiReg_User2       [IPPhoneRegisterThreadProc]: *** SERVER IS NOT READY YET (3 out of 8)
[DEBUG]@2009-07-02@15:53:19** <0x206C> TapiReg_User2       [CServiceModule::RegisterIPPhones()]: SEM = 65530
[TRACE]@2009-07-02@15:53:19** <0x206C> TapiReg_User2     [-][IPPhoneRegisterThreadProc]

You can see that it is reporting a 'TAPI Client Password' error for one user. I have synced all the passwords I can think of with no change. What password is this referring to?

The other two have the 'TAPI already registered' messages, but they do not have any TAPI setup. They never had the CallConnector client on their PCs or anything.

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Loading. Thu, 07/02/2009 - 16:36

One more piece of information, I switched one of the problem PCs over to local TAPI driver, it registered and connected just fine. Switched back to server, unable to aquire lines. So TAPI registration does work, just wont work through the UCC server for some reason.


greenturtlesteak Mon, 07/06/2009 - 21:01

Check CME using show ephone reg to see if there is any TAPI client information under the affected ephone.  I'm sure you've already done this, but also check your usernames and passwords under the ephones.  If you're UCC server isn't listed as a TAPI client for the ephones you'll need to clear the connection before UCC can connect.

If you are still running into problems I would open a case with TAC.  It's probably a bug.


r.stockton Tue, 07/07/2009 - 14:15

Make sure there's no speed dials configured on those lines.  It's a "feature" Tue, 07/07/2009 - 16:32

There can't be any speed dials configured on the ephone? I don't believe there are, but that is strange regardless. Do you have any documentation or specifics on the issue you are referring to?

We use BFL on all our phones, but the others are working fine. So I don't see how this could cause the issue... Tue, 07/07/2009 - 16:35

There is no TAPI reg info under 'show ephone reg' for the phones. If i configured with local TSP, it shows it, but not when configured through the server.

greenturtlesteak Tue, 07/07/2009 - 16:50

Due to the inconsistent symptoms you are experiencing I would open a case with TAC.  Chances are there is either a configuration oversight on your part or you've run into a bug.  Hard to say without looking at your system though.


JOHN NIKOLATOS Tue, 07/07/2009 - 21:04

I have had a lot of experience with this...

THe windows firewall is a big issue here.... make sure those PC's have the windows firewall turned off...  Once you figure this out, you can make an exception for the call connector executibles...

The password is the PIN under the ephone.... I beleive..  check that..

Tell me if #1 works... Wed, 07/08/2009 - 09:24

Again, all firewall configs are the same, and some PCs work some don't. The callconnector client install created the program exceptions in the firewall list on all PCs. Haven't tried turning the firewall completely off yet, but our firewall policy is controlled by the domain so all workstations should be the same.

JOHN NIKOLATOS Wed, 07/08/2009 - 19:13

Question...  with the errors you are getting, seems like a password issue and TAPI issue.

Does the bad machines have SKYPE on them or something?  Check their control panels for installed programs like SKYPE or other telephony application...


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