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I've ordered our 1st Small Business Pro ESW-520-24P switch in place of CE520-24. The ESW Pro switch was plugged to our demo UC520 (with CCA 2.0 and IOS 12.4(20)T2). The CCA 2.0 already running on my desktop did not recognize the switch upon (several) refresh so I've exited and re-launched the CCA 2.0. This time around the switch showed up on the Topology View which had obtained a dynamic IP from the UC520.

The other observation was the fact that, the Home/Device Set up Wizard does not have a pull down entry for the ESW-520/540. So I've launch the switch's Webview.

Per the attached network diagram (which incidently only shows half the T1s and the routers), I plan to install this switch in a Hosted VoIP network with 2x T1s/Routers and 2x EdgeMarc VoIP QoS routers. Here're my thought please let me know if there's a better suggestion/best practice to apply:

  • Each T1 comes to a T1 router and then connects to one EdgeMarc router (DHCP)
  • Each EdgeMarc router licensed for up to 15 simoultanous calls although the switch has only 24 ports.
  • The Switch will be configured with Static IP
  • 12 ports of switch to be allocated to to each EdgeMarc router 12+12
  • The switch smart ports will also be configured for IP Phone + Desktop (phones have internal switch for PCs)

Rgds., Amir

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Maulik Shah Sun, 07/05/2009 - 13:06
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Hi Amir

Thanks much for the feedback on the ESW 500 with CCA - can you check the version of the ESW 500 (right click on the ESW icon in CCA topology view and click on properties). Recommend you test with 2.0.3 - you can download this at:

Scroll down to firmware and follow the steps to download the image. Fair comment on the Device Setup Wizard not being there for the ESW 500 switch, we will look at adding that - for now, you can access this in the topology view by right clicking on icon and clicking on Configuration Utility (as I think you already did).

On the deployment that you attached, the only issue maybe how to segregrate traffic between the 2 Edgemarcs - if you use different VLANs for voice & data to each Edgemarc, you can only have one voice vlan in CDP per ESW so cannot have multiple voice VLANs on the same ESW. You will probably best off sending all voice traffic over one Edgemarc (with the 15 simultaneous call limit) and all data traffic over the other Edgemarc or you would need to use something like HSRP on Cisco routers on the Edgemarc where both Edgemarcs have a trunk to the ESW and act as primary / backup.

Marcos Hernandez Sun, 07/12/2009 - 08:58
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As Maulik mentioned, please go ahead and upgrade the switch image to 2.0.3. The download link was provided earlier.



Hi Marcos;

Thanks for getting into this discussion. I've advised Maulik a few days ago of the ESW firmware upgrade to 2.0.3 thru CCA. However, the deplyoment issue of the single voice Vlan reamins the same. Can I add a 2nd and 3rd voice vlan for this deployment as the customer's requirement for 30 CAC however the max thru two Edgemarc routers is 24 (12 per each T1). I'll send you another email on the subject.

Tks., Amir

Maulik Shah Sun, 07/12/2009 - 13:44
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Amir - your 1st issue should be resolved via the SW upgrade as I mentioned via email. Your 2nd question - I sent you an email & a private message on this a couple of times. Here is a snip again if you really want to go this route to accomodate the Edgemarc router limitation of 15 calls max per router:

- Disable CDP on the switch as you cannot have 2 CDP based voice vlans on one switch. Then define each port to be a trunk port (or switch smart port role) with native VLAN being the data VLAN and the other allowed VLAN being the VLAN of the phones.You would need 4 total VLANs for this - 1 data and 1 voice per Edgemarc router. Also, you may have to set the VLAN on the phones to match the voice VLAN statically (as you cannot use CDP).

Other options are use a router that can support 30 simultaneous calls OR use 2 switches.


The outstanding issue is in the depolyment. I've also sent you a private email.

There's an Edgemarc-30 router but it's not bing used by Speakeasy since the -15 became available (The max CAC thru each T1 is 12 and 15 CAC thru a bonded T1). We've already installed two T1's @ 1.5Mbps therefore, the need for two voice vlans  for each of the Edgemarc-15s.

Per your instruction below, we're going to configure the ESW switch with 4 voice vlans (see attachment) in addition to the native data vlan with the CDP disabled. The customer has requested an additional 30 seats (20+30) therefore, we're installing a 2nd ESW520-24P, TBD two more T1s, TBD two more Edgemarc-15s.

I don't like this set up but the customers had requested a hosted VoIP solution with 30 CAC (although currently 24 CAC is the max with two voice optimized T1s), otherwise two ISDN PRI could have handled 46 lines (23x2 trunks plus 2 data) per each T1 or a UC500-48 user solution. I'm not sure if the UC500 could even manage 30 CAC.

Tks., Amir


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