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Jul 3rd, 2009

I am about to start ccent training, I have a 870 router, 2 x 1721 routers and a 2900 switch. What would be the best way to set these up as a lab and do I need anything else. I do intend to carry on to CCNP eventually. Any advice will be appreciated

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cisco steps Sat, 07/04/2009 - 11:30

Hi Les,

I just passed my ccna and I can tell you that home lab is the best to have. first of all from my experience w/ home lab is to be able to create a real scenario project. I will say if you can start first by creating a frame relay cloud. that will allow you to create isp type connection b/w 2 sites and practice your vlan's, ACL's,STP's , VTP's and so on, the other thing is that you will make a lot of mistakes and that's where you start learning by fixing and posting you questions here and go back and do it again on your own lab. the reason I said create frame relay could is that once you get you ccna, you will be able to uses the same setup for your ccnp lab and configure different protocols that are must to know. BGP, ospf, rip, eigrp and so on.. good luck .. see you around..

Cyllarus7 Fri, 07/17/2009 - 16:37

I am also preparing for my first CCNA exam and i have opted to use GNS3 as my lab rather than purchasing the actual equipment. I did this because A: I'm broke B: GNS3 allows you to simulate as many routers as you have processing power for, and change the configuration with a few clicks rather than moving around a bunch of equipment.

Ive found that getting GNS 3 setup and working was rather a learning curve in its own right, but now that I have it setup, the flexibility is awesome.

You can download GNS3 at

Only downsides worth mentioning is that you have to provide your own IOS'es, which may be tough for someone without contacts. In addition GNS3 cant emulate a switch, you have to "cheat" by using a switch module as an add-in card to a router.


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