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To all VoIP gurus,

I have a customer who currently has a Unity 4.x system running on an old MCS-7825-I2-UC1 server.

My customer now wants to upgrade to Unity Connection 7.x and i have 3 questions.

Q1) Does this MCS-7825-I2-UC1 supported by Unity Connection 7.x? Or do i need to buy a brand new server?

Q2) Assuming if customer is buying a brand new server, is the following part codes enough for the upgrade from Unity 4.x to Unity Connection 7.x? or do i need more in order for UNITYCN7-VUP-K9 & UNITYCN7-USR-VUP to work?





Q3) If i'm helping the customer to buy Co-brand support as below, do i still need to buy UCSS? What is UCSS for?








Thanks heaps for your help & would be greatly appreciated if anyone can shed some light on this :)

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buchholr Sun, 07/05/2009 - 06:18
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Q1. Yes, with the understanding that the I2 Server is end of life, and will be end of support in 2012. Also, be aware that the server will only support up to 2000 directory users without a RAM upgrade.


Q2. If they want to upgrade to the current platform, then the part number you have here is correct.

Q3. The support you show is the smartnet and ESW equivalents. UCSS is the Unified Communications Software Subscription. It is not a required support, but it gives them the free upgrades to newer versions as long as it is active. It is well worth it when you consider the cost of upgrading without it. To have it, the customer must have a valid ESW or better contract. I believe the CBSW contract qualifies, but I'm not an expert on how the co-brand support works.

Hope this helps,



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