SPA922-SPA942 Localisation -> Dutch

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How can I change the language displayed on my ip phones. Setup - 18 Language doesn't do anything.

I need to set the phones from english language menus to dutch.

Where can I find language files...


I have this problem too.
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Correct Answer by Alberto Montilla about 7 years 6 months ago

Dear Sir;

Suggest you read the SPA phones admin guide,

It explains on page 155 the details for localizing the display.

The dictionaries for the latest release (6.1.5) are available at:


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Yep found the files I needed. Not easy to find on the Cisco site...

Meanwhile also found how to do it, as you mentioned here in de manual.

Works perfect.

One other question:

I'm using the Linksys SPA922 and SPA 942 phones in combination with the 3CX server software. Is it possible to configure the phones that they follow me from desk to desk. e.g. before noon I use the phone at desk A, in the afternoon I use the phone at desk B. when I sit down at desk B I put in some code on the phone to let the system know I'm at desk B...??

I don't mean call forwarding but some kind of follow me function.