bulk add vg224 sccp ports

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Jul 6th, 2009


I need help!

I try to add ports for vg224 (sccp) thru bulk tool.

There is some post on forum but it seems that there is something missing.

1) I have created a gateway template named "0024CEF12F" (10 characters of MAC address)

2) setup first port 2/0/0 with device template named "AN0024CEF12F400" and line template named "line1"

3) tried to create CSV file using BAT.xlt under VG224 tab. The first field is "MAC address/Device Name" which only seems to accept 10 character MAC address. / this is what I don't understand! -do i need add ports under vg224 tab or under phone tab?If is under vg224 what mac addrese do i put (consider that i', using SCCP).SKWIG or AN ???

Please help!I need to provision 200 phones and I don't won't to do this manually :)



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Hythim Ali El Hadad Thu, 07/09/2009 - 04:25

this 10 ch. is your mac address without the 1st 00

only the last 10 char. of your mac address

you will do it 24 times for your VG which are the number of your ports

reni.popara@verso.hr Fri, 07/10/2009 - 05:39

Thanks !

I found there was a problem when you have same numbers already in CUCM.

And you can't insert 10 port more on same vg224 so you need to delete and insert all ports again.

Funny :)



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