Has this ever happened to you?

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Jul 7th, 2009


I was taking my exam at a Vue testing center, and the computer constantly locked up on me. Vue isn't taking responsibility for it, and neither is Cisco. I contacted the testing center and they said that they had to add another server to be able to handle the "load." So, the testing center is taking accountability, but Vue isn't willing to talk to them. What Vue HAS done is submit the complaint to the quality control department, and "supposedly" they would contact the testing center. Even though I have eye witnesses that the system was freezing up, no one is admitting fault. The lock ups made me lose time because it would say freeze at 20:00, unfreeze, and the time would jump to 19:00. It did this several times throughout the test.

Being that Vue is the ONLY testing center for Cisco exams, what recourse does one have? Has this ever happened to you, and what did you do about it?



I have this problem too.
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scottmac Tue, 07/07/2009 - 08:52

You don't say whether you finished the exam (or pass/fail ... I'm guessing fail, since you are complaining).

I've had it happen a couple times, not at Vue. The first time, I tried to finish the test, failed, and got no "satisfaction" ... I complained, nothing changed, and I didn't get a refund (because they said I finished the test... i.e., didn't stop and complain).

The other two times when the test engine screwed up, I got up, got the proctor, showed them the problem, and rescheduled or re-took the test on the same dime.

If you stop the test and show them the problem, they can usually work with you. Finishing the test, especially with a "fail," will probably not work in your favor.

Ask the proctor *before* you start the test what to do if the test screws up.. .different centers may handle it different ways.

Good Luck on your next shot

John Blakley Tue, 07/07/2009 - 08:57


Yes I failed by 13 points, and I had to guess the last 15 questions because it kept locking up on the sims and left me with about 20 minutes on the exam. One of the 15 was another sim. I showed the proctor and they agreed that there was a problem. The test even crashed on me once and the had to relog me back in. It's frustrating that Vue is the only testing center that we can go to because when there's a problem like this, they can pretty much take your money and not look back because they know you have no where else to go.

srue Tue, 07/07/2009 - 09:41

I've never had a good experience at VUE testing centers. The proctors are poorly trained (assuming they show up) and the equipment is usually old and unkempt.

I never had those problems with Prometric. When Cisco went with a VUE only solution they said it was because it would improve things for the test takers. I have never personally felt this was the case.

On this issue, I give Cisco a big FAIL.

pipemajor Thu, 07/09/2009 - 05:16

Yes, it's happened to me. I was scheduled to take my 640-821 INTRO exam and the proctor went through 4 PCs before he found one which would load the exam. Halfway through, the PC locked up solid. I left the room to find the exam proctor who came in and rebooted the PC.

Fortunately, it picked up where it had left off examwise and timewise. I managed to pass the exam.

Cert studies got put on hold after that so I never completed my CCNA. I've picked it back up now and will write the 640-822 ICND1 exam next week. Whole new VUE exam location (they don't stay in one place very long, do they)? I just hope the CRT display is clear enough it doesn't become an eye exam.

Danilo Dy Thu, 07/09/2009 - 06:58

Happen to me in Prometric many years ago. Keep freezing until the system crashed. The admin increase my time and ask me to use another PC. I can't remember whether I passed that exam :)

There was a time also I was stucked in the traffic for 2 hours because of a motorcycle accident (not me). I called VUE and told them my situation. I'm 30 minutes late but they still allow me to take the exam in full. Passed!

From what I understand in my 2 case, the admin have the privilege to make changes on the time and they can make decision on the spot.

There is testing center also that the admin is threatening the candidates about being late (for 5 minutes). I witness this and never schedule my exam on that center anymore. Later on that center closed down, maybe many people complain about the admin :)


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