Unity 7 Voicemail playback speeds

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Jul 8th, 2009


I am looking for some assistance on message playback speeds in Unity 7. In Unity 7, once a user changes the speed when listening to VM's in the TUI, that setting gets saved going forward. Is there anyway how we can set the speed to default for each session or not let the setting get saved?



I have this problem too.
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rob.huffman Wed, 07/08/2009 - 06:45

Hi George,

Can I just clarify that this is Unity 7.x not Unity Connection 7.x as there is a bug in the Unity Connection 7.x that makes these changes "sticky" rather than reverting back to normal after each session.



rob.huffman Wed, 07/08/2009 - 07:07

Hi George,

I guess a similar Bug exists in Unity 7 as well :(

CSCsz93254 Bug Details

Provide a way to disable sticky playback speed keys


Unity 7.0.2 message and prompt playback speed seems to be randomly faster or slower than expected. This is most commonly reported by users of a shared mailbox.


Unity 7.0.2 introduces a new sticky key feature for Playback Speed. This behavior is not desirable for all users. Following is a link to the release notes describing this new feature.

Playback Speed Adjustments Are Saved Across Sessions



There is no workaround.

Further Problem Description:

It is important to note, this is the designed behavior of Unity 7.0.2. However, this behavior is not desirable for all users. This bug documents a feature enhancement which will allow Unity 7.0.2 to behave similar to Unity 5.0.




6 - enhancement

Last Modified

In Last 3 Days


Cisco Unity Unified Messaging


1st Found-In




Playback Speed Adjustments Are Saved Across Sessions

Subscribers can use key presses to speed up or slow down both message and prompt playback by phone. The new speed setting is saved, so that when they next call in, the same speed settings will be used.

Subscribers can use the message playback speed adjustment key presses at any time during message playback. For example, subscribers who use the Standard Conversation or Optional Conversation 1 can press 4 to decrease prompt or message playback speed and press 6 to increase prompt or message playback speed. Cisco Unity adjusts either the prompt playback speed or the message playback speed depending on the phase of playback at the time the key is pressed: when pressed during the message header or footer, Cisco Unity adjusts the prompt playback speed; during the message body, Cisco Unity adjusts the message playback speed.

Subscribers who are assigned to one of the three Custom Keypad Mapping conversations can also use global key commands for increasing and decreasing prompt playback speed from anywhere in the conversation where a prompt is heard (or for changing message playback speed, if pressed during the message header, body, or footer). By default, 99 is assigned to the Increase Speed and Save action, and 97 is assigned to the Decrease Speed and Save action; you can configure the key maps for these actions on the Globals tab in the Custom Keypad Mapping tool.

In previous versions of Cisco Unity, subscribers could use defined key presses during message playback to speed up or slow down playback for each message individually; the change did not affect the playback speed of other messages. No key presses were available for adjusting prompt playback speed by phone.


Hope this helps!


George Thomas Wed, 07/08/2009 - 07:28

Hi Rob,

Thanks a lot for your response. Its disappointing that I wont be able to provide a workaround for this to the customer. Thanks a lot again!!




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