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I have an ASA running 8.0(3). I have two syslog servers defined. Is there a way to send two different level messages to two different syslog servers? I see the "logging class"/"logging list" commands to alter differnet level messages to seperate output devices, a.k.a. TRAP; however, if I have two different host addresses (syslog servers) defined, can I send different levels to each, even though they are a subset of the same "output device"?


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Thanks for replying. I ended up allowing setting my trap level to the most common "severe" level- in this case "4" for warnings. Then I created a "logging list" to allow the specified informational level messages to also be included. (The only undesired affect is that I send both syslog servers see the specific informational messages). But this way they both see the messages they NEED to see without hammering them with tons of notification messages.


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