LWAPP/CAPWAP Antenna Gain Setting - label only?

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Jul 10th, 2009

When configuring an AP external antenna gain (from a WLC), is the gain assigned purely a label to show its gain, or does it actually wind down the transmitter output by the dB amount that is input in to the gain field?

For instance, my Tx power is set to 2 (17dBm), and I attached a 2.2dBi antenna.

My ERP would now be 19.2dBm.

Does the antenna gain value I enter (4 x 0.5) actually cause the AP to lower its output power by 2.2dB to cater for the fact that I have attached a 2.2)dB antenna and maintain its 17dBm output? (...OK, I know 4 x 0.5 will give 2dB, but lets talk in round numbers)

So in summary:

AP tx pwr = 17dB

Physical antenna gain = 2.2dBi

AP configured antenna gain = 4 x 0.5 (2dB).

What is the effective radiated power? 19.2dBm, or auto-lowered to 17dBm?



I have this problem too.
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dancampb Fri, 07/10/2009 - 05:11

This setting effects the heat map predictions in WCS. It also comes into play with the RRM calculations and with some AP's will be considered for controlling the RF power.

Nigel Bowden Fri, 07/10/2009 - 05:14

...so it does affect power on 'some' AP's?

Any idea where I can find that information?




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