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Jul 11th, 2009

Hello Netpros,

I need ur suggestion on one querry. I am CCNP certified and now planning to make presence in Security domain also.

Please suggest me from which basic certification in security(Pix) should i start & prepare to have some good & basic knowledge on the same.

Kindly provide exam code with no. of papers.



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sudhir.bhagat Mon, 08/24/2009 - 08:40


I am still not able to decide for which Security certification i can exactly go for preparation.

Is CCNA (Security) is mustb before starting for any firewall/security certification.

Please Help & Guide me for find the way ..

andrew.fedyszak... Tue, 08/25/2009 - 05:06


You can take any Cisco exam you like (apart from CCIE labs) without any prerequisites, but you only gain certification when you pass ALL required exams.

Because CCNA Security is required to gain other security certification/specialisations, it makes sense to do it first.

Then it really depends on your previous experience and current job requirements. If you plan to go all the way to CCSP then, after CCNA Sec exam, you should study/take SNRS exam because of your CCNP level expertise.

This way you study security features of something you know well i.e. Cisco IOS. Then you should take SNAF and IPS exams, followed by one of the elective exams. Out of these elective exams MARS one is probably the easiest and has 2 good Cisco Press books covering all you need to know.

But again it depends on your job role. If you are going to support ASA firewalls/VPNs then taking SNAA exam makes more sense then the other 2 elective exams.

The problem with both IPS and ASA exams is lack of current study material from Cisco Press. Theere are PDFs called Digital Shortcuts for these exams but they are more pre-exam revision type of documents rather then being great for learning new stuff.

Good luck with your studies...

sudhir.bhagat Tue, 08/25/2009 - 09:02

Hello Andrew,

Thanks Buddy, But as i mentioned in my First post that i am just a beginner for security. Hance just looking for the basic certification first by which i can gain atleast bit knowledge about the things happening in security/ASA/Firewall.

What i understand from u suggestion is that i have to go for "SNAF" exam/certification (but CCNA sec. is must for the same)... am i right.. ?


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