I don't do Express but the "Cisco CAD Installation Guide" UCCE 7.2 page 28 has minimum system requirements. But I don't think they are of any value.

It's my opinion that these are WAY UNDERSTATED!! For example:

Windows XP Professional Edition

Service Pack 2

All Desktops:

•500 MHz processor

•128 MB RAM

•800 × 600 screen resolution

•100 Mbit NIC supporting Ethernet 2

Agent, Supervisor, and Admin Desktops:

•650 MB free space

Do you know anyone with a 500MHz processor? XP hardly even runs on 128MB of RAM, let alone adding CAD.

Well, there you go. Pretty useless.



Allen Beale Tue, 07/14/2009 - 04:34
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Thanks, now i know where to look it seems like it's the same spec for UCCX. Might be finger in the air time unless anyone else has more realistic info.


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