WAAS and 4500 with VPN Concentrator

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Jul 21st, 2009
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Hi Guys,

I'm needing some help to implement WAAS at a Catalyst 4500 in Hardware.

I have 2 WAEs 512 at Main Office and 2 NM Modules at Branch Offices. The Branch connect to Main thru VPN. At remote sites I'm using ip WCCP in and out at LAN router interface cause is only option that I have due to VPN.

At main site I need to optimize only Servers VLAN, IT users VLAN and a VLAN that connects to another site. So, like Cat 4500 only supports WCCP in Hardware and I can't use redirect-list, do I need to configure ip WCCP 61 in all VLANs or only at VLANs that I need to optimize?

I am configuring ip WCCP 62 in VPN Concentrator VLAN because the traffic need to be uncrypted before redirect to WAAS.

I'm sending attach the topology, Cat4500 and WAE Core configure.


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Zach Seils Wed, 08/05/2009 - 06:58
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You'll need to configure inbound WCCP redirection on any of the VLANs that contain hosts you want to optimize connections for. You'll also need to configure l2-redirect and mask assignment in the WAE WCCP configuration.



gilbertojr Mon, 09/28/2009 - 15:02
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Hi Zach

I have implement this scenario and WAAS is performing optimization. I only need to optimize two sites that connect trough VPN, so I'm using WCCP only on Server VLAN and VPN VLAN that receive the remote users connections.

So, when I look to "sh stat conn" I see many PT Asymmetric connections.

I have disable EPM Accelerator cause I have read about EPM Accelerator does not work with Asymmetric Routing and also cause I had Microsoft access problem with one user VLAN that has WCCP command on it.

I need enable EPM Accelerator because MAPI accelerator needs it to work fine.

My doubts are:

I have many VLANs at Central Site that does not need optimize and that WAE Core are handling. Can I include this networks in a passtrough policy?

How can I identify the cause of Asymmetric to enable EPM Accelerator? I can see that the same connection is being see in two directions like bellow: N/A PT Asymmetric N/A PT Asymmetric

Is it normal I have MS-EndPointMapper between two internals VLANs, that are not in the WAAS path?

Thanks for help

Zach Seils Wed, 09/30/2009 - 05:02
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The 'PT Asymmetric' connections happen because WAAS is only seeing the connection in one direction (client-to-server or server-to-client).

Can you verify whether WCCP is configured on the interfaces where these hosts ( and reside?


gilbertojr Wed, 09/30/2009 - 09:24
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Hi Zach,

I have others connections that are Asymmetric.

About your question, I have wccp configured only on interface that belong. This network is from another site that came from LAN 2 LAN link trough an interface vlan. The interface's VLAN doesn't has wccp configured.

So I am checkin now and I have Asymmetric too from one address that belong to one remote site that has WAAS with one internal VLAN that doesn't have wccp configured. 00:16:9d:39:21:73 PT Asymmetric

Do you thing I need configure wccp 61 on all internals VLANs, except VPN that is using wccp 62, because redirect is L2?

I believe that while I have Asymmetric I can't use EPM Accelerator.


Zach Seils Fri, 10/02/2009 - 07:34
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If you want to leverage the MAPI AO acceleration, traffic needs to be seen in both directions. If you have no intention of accelerating the traffic, then it is fine for EPM to only see it in one direction -- the connection will be handled as pass-through.




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