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Jul 22nd, 2009
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I've just bought my first VG202 (we've used ATAs & VG224s up to now)

Everything is fine, appart from the fact that I can't get hookflash (TBR) to work on the VG202. Using the same phone on an ATA & a VG224 it works fine.

I've compared the config between a working VG224 and this new VG202 and I can't see anything wrong.

I've tried upgrading IOS from the factory default 12.4.22 to 12.4.24, but that hasn't helped.

In ccmadmin, busy trigger is set to 2/1.

Can anyone suggest what I've missed ?



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pcameron Wed, 07/22/2009 - 14:38
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The VG202 should be able to pick up a hookflash and report it. You may need to adjust the timing using the voice port 'timing hookflash-in' to match with your handset.

If you are running SCCP or MGCP signaling, these applications are able to detect the hookflash and useif for call processing in the same way the ATA and VG224 operate.

if you do a SH VOICE PORT X/Y/Z , you will see the hookflash details -

Hookflash-in Timing is set to max=1000 ms, min=150 ms

Hookflash-out Timing is set to 400 ms

compare this to the VG224 if necessary.

Gordon Ross Wed, 07/22/2009 - 22:59
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The voice port settings are pretty much the same between a VG224 & a VG202.


voice-port 2/0

cptone GB

timeouts ringing infinity

caller-id enable


voice-port 0/0

cptone GB

Doing a "sh voice port x/y" shows the hookflash timers are the same on the VG224 & VG202.

The default hookflash times work on the VG224. Tweaking them up or down doesn't do anything for the VG202.


rrighi Mon, 09/27/2010 - 03:18
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just an info.

Did you solve your problem with VG20X ?

I've the same issue. :-(

Thanks in advance


Steven Holl Mon, 09/27/2010 - 06:10
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Are you using SCCP for the FXS port?

Can you get 'debug vpm sig' during a hookflash event?  Do you know what the duration of the device's hookflash is (getting 'debug vpm sig' off a working device during a HF would verify)?

rrighi Tue, 09/28/2010 - 13:34
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Hi Steven

I solved my issue

CUCM register VG224 ( using SCCP protocol ) placing Maximum Number of Calls to 2  (default)

CUCM register VG204 ( using SCCP protocol ) placing Maximum Number of Calls to 1  (default)

Raising this value to 2, I can be able to place call on hold/transfert pressing hookflash button.

Thanks a lot




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